Following is the final list of accepted abstracts.

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S/N Abstract TrackID Corresponding Author Abstract Category Abstract Title
1 IWPSD_2017_ABS_A3015 Mrs. Pooja Saini 2D Materials, Organic Semiconductors and Display Technologies Memristor behavior in gold nanocluster mixed graphene oxide nanocomposite based thin film devices
2 IWPSD_2017_ABS_A4870 Mr. JAGADISH NAIK 2D Materials, Organic Semiconductors and Display Technologies Preparation of Graphite Incorporated Polymer Electrodes for Sodium Batteries
3 IWPSD_2017_ABS_A8638 Ms. Nisha Prakash 2D Materials, Organic Semiconductors and Display Technologies Enhanced Photodetection in Visible Region in rGo/GaN Based Hybrid Photodetector
4 IWPSD_2017_ABS_A9597 Mr. ABHISHEK UPADHYAY 2D Materials, Organic Semiconductors and Display Technologies Modified Quasi Ballistic Transport Model for Graphene FET Simulation
5 IWPSD_2017_ABS_B3037 Dr. Arkaprava Bhattacharyya 2D Materials, Organic Semiconductors and Display Technologies ZigZag Phosphorene Nanoribbons Antidot – Electronic structure and Device Application
6 IWPSD_2017_ABS_C2063 Dr. Vinamrita Singh 2D Materials, Organic Semiconductors and Display Technologies Effect of degradation on the charge transport mechanism in PEDOT:PSS based MIM device
7 IWPSD_2017_ABS_C4489 Dr. Satya Ranjan Pattanaik 2D Materials, Organic Semiconductors and Display Technologies Calculation of Quantum Capacitance and Sheet Carrier Density of Graphene FETs
8 IWPSD_2017_ABS_D5051 Ms. Poonam Sehrawat 2D Materials, Organic Semiconductors and Display Technologies Reduced graphene oxide based temperature sensor
9 IWPSD_2017_ABS_E2108 Dr. Meenakshi Gusain 2D Materials, Organic Semiconductors and Display Technologies Synthesis and characterization of surfactant free MoS2 3D microspheres
10 IWPSD_2017_ABS_E2364 Ms. SHRABANI GUHATHAKURATA 2D Materials, Organic Semiconductors and Display Technologies Impact of post-annealing on the properties of Al/Polymethylmethacrylate/p-Si based MIS device
11 IWPSD_2017_ABS_E3237 Mr. Subhamoy Sahoo 2D Materials, Organic Semiconductors and Display Technologies Study of absorption spectrum of pentacene using electromodulation
12 IWPSD_2017_ABS_E4052 Ms. Shruti Subramanian 2D Materials, Organic Semiconductors and Display Technologies Tunable as-grown graphene contacts to semiconducting transition metal dichalcogenides
13 IWPSD_2017_ABS_E5494 Ms. PARAMITA MAITI 2D Materials, Organic Semiconductors and Display Technologies Growth and characteristics of Molecular Beam Epitaxy (MBE) grown ß-MoO3 nanoribbons
14 IWPSD_2017_ABS_H3674 Prof. Sandip Ghosh 2D Materials, Organic Semiconductors and Display Technologies Optical spectroscopy study of bulk WS2 : a search for H-point transitions
15 IWPSD_2017_ABS_H5244 Mrs. ANU BABUSENAN 2D Materials, Organic Semiconductors and Display Technologies Investigation of mechanism of photoluminescence quenching due to PCBM in PCBM: P3HT blends
16 IWPSD_2017_ABS_H6491 Ms. Vishakha Kaushik 2D Materials, Organic Semiconductors and Display Technologies Effect of tip induced strain on nanoscale electrical properties of MoS2-Graphene heterojunctions.
17 IWPSD_2017_ABS_J5134 Mr. Vivek Ghritlahre 2D Materials, Organic Semiconductors and Display Technologies Synthesis and characterization of 2D-TMDC materials: MoS2 MoSe2 and WS2
18 IWPSD_2017_ABS_K3789 Dr. Shyama Rath 2D Materials, Organic Semiconductors and Display Technologies Optimization of the concentration of molybdenum disulfide (MoS2) for formation of atomically thin layers
19 IWPSD_2017_ABS_K7650 Mr. HEMANT Saini 2D Materials, Organic Semiconductors and Display Technologies Large-scale single crystale-WSe2 film via vdW epitaxy and its impact at 2d/3d interface
20 IWPSD_2017_ABS_K9880 Mr. Swapnil More 2D Materials, Organic Semiconductors and Display Technologies Fabrication of 2D NEMS on flexible substrates for strain engineering in sensing applications
21 IWPSD_2017_ABS_L1759 Dr. Ambesh Dixit 2D Materials, Organic Semiconductors and Display Technologies Transition metal doped ZnS monolayer: The first principles insights
22 IWPSD_2017_ABS_L2372 Dr. ATUL BISHT 2D Materials, Organic Semiconductors and Display Technologies Low temperature graphene-like film growth by Microwave plasma enhance chemical vapor deposition technique
23 IWPSD_2017_ABS_L3234 Mr. Praveen Saho 2D Materials, Organic Semiconductors and Display Technologies Effect of Growth Parameters in Synthesis of Single Layer Graphene on Copper Foil by LPCVD Technique.
24 IWPSD_2017_ABS_L7534 Mr. Aneesh Dash 2D Materials, Organic Semiconductors and Display Technologies Tuning Resonant Wavelength of Silicon Micro-ring Resonator with Graphene
25 IWPSD_2017_ABS_L8867 Prof. Sandip Ghosh 2D Materials, Organic Semiconductors and Display Technologies Temporal decay of luminescence in monolayer MoS2
26 IWPSD_2017_ABS_L9709 Mrs. Omita Nanda 2D Materials, Organic Semiconductors and Display Technologies Development of Natural Gel Based Electrolyte for Self- Powered Electrochromic Display Device
27 IWPSD_2017_ABS_M4834 Mr. UJJAL DAS 2D Materials, Organic Semiconductors and Display Technologies Resistive Switching and High Retentivity of MoS2 Based Transparent RRAM Device
28 IWPSD_2017_ABS_M4933 Dr. Bharti Singh 2D Materials, Organic Semiconductors and Display Technologies A single step synthesis technique of high quality large area 2D monolayer MoS2 towards flexible electronic application
29 IWPSD_2017_ABS_M5958 Mr. Prashanth Kumar M 2D Materials, Organic Semiconductors and Display Technologies Limitations of Mott-Schottky Analysis for Organic Metal-Insulator-Semiconductor Capacitors
30 IWPSD_2017_ABS_M9328 Mr. Pawan Kanaujia 2D Materials, Organic Semiconductors and Display Technologies Fabrication of highly luminescent Inorganic-organic 2D perovskite based materials for optoelectronic device applications
31 IWPSD_2017_ABS_N6965 Ms. MONIKA MOUN 2D Materials, Organic Semiconductors and Display Technologies Fabrication of MoS2/GaN Heterojunction Diode and its KPFM investigation
32 IWPSD_2017_ABS_O2744 Ms. Svetlana Jose 2D Materials, Organic Semiconductors and Display Technologies Study on the Conventional VS photonic (IPL) sintering of copper nanoparticle (Cu NPs) inks on different flexible substrates.
33 IWPSD_2017_ABS_O7388 Dr. Raj Mohan S 2D Materials, Organic Semiconductors and Display Technologies Photo conductivity studies on MDMO PPV thin films
34 IWPSD_2017_ABS_O9262 Dr. Shumaila Akram 2D Materials, Organic Semiconductors and Display Technologies Synthesis and Properties of Polypyrrole and Reduced Graphene Oxide Nanocomposites prepared by in-situ interfacial Polymerizat
35 IWPSD_2017_ABS_P1419 Ms. Bharti sharma 2D Materials, Organic Semiconductors and Display Technologies Iron Nanoparticles as Heating Mediators for Magnetic Hyperthermia based Cancer Therapy
36 IWPSD_2017_ABS_P2324 Mr. Sumit Patil 2D Materials, Organic Semiconductors and Display Technologies 2D Carbon/Semiconductor: Materials Devices and Interconnects
37 IWPSD_2017_ABS_P9185 Dr. Javid Ali 2D Materials, Organic Semiconductors and Display Technologies Effect of ECR plasma on field emission properties of Carbon Nanotubes
38 IWPSD_2017_ABS_Q2146 Mr. Prabhat Kumar 2D Materials, Organic Semiconductors and Display Technologies A comparative study of sulfurization: MoO3 into MoS2 and WO3 into WS2
39 IWPSD_2017_ABS_Q5849 Dr. Raj Mohan S 2D Materials, Organic Semiconductors and Display Technologies Extracting Energetic Disorder in inhomogeneous organic thin films using Meyer-Neldel Rule
40 IWPSD_2017_ABS_Q6145 Mrs. Monika Tyagi 2D Materials, Organic Semiconductors and Display Technologies Resonant and Non-Resonant solutions of the non-linear vibration of SWCNTs embedded in viscous elastic matrix using KBM method
41 IWPSD_2017_ABS_Q6688 Ms. MANJRI SINGH 2D Materials, Organic Semiconductors and Display Technologies Broadband Photodetector with Lateral n+rGO/p+Si Heterojunction
42 IWPSD_2017_ABS_Q8315 Dr. Subimal Majee 2D Materials, Organic Semiconductors and Display Technologies Study on Graphene based Next Generation Flexible Photodetector for Optical Communication
43 IWPSD_2017_ABS_R2929 Mr. Chandra Pathak 2D Materials, Organic Semiconductors and Display Technologies Current transport properties of monolayer graphene/n-Si Schottky diodes at macro and nano scale
44 IWPSD_2017_ABS_R5391 Mr. Mujeeb Ahmad 2D Materials, Organic Semiconductors and Display Technologies Role of MoS2 on the electrical and thermoelectric prop-erties of Bi2Te3 and Sb2Te3 alloys
45 IWPSD_2017_ABS_S7047 Mr. Chandra Kant 2D Materials, Organic Semiconductors and Display Technologies ZnO nano-particle based electron injection layer for polymer light emitting diodes
46 IWPSD_2017_ABS_T3688 Mr. Hemanjaneyulu Kuruva 2D Materials, Organic Semiconductors and Display Technologies Comprehensive Computational Modelling Approach for Graphene FETs
47 IWPSD_2017_ABS_T8060 Mr. PURNA PATRA 2D Materials, Organic Semiconductors and Display Technologies Synthesis and Optical Characterization of Graphitic Carbon Nitride: Bandgap reconciliation
48 IWPSD_2017_ABS_T9234 Prof. S. Sundar Kumar Iyer 2D Materials, Organic Semiconductors and Display Technologies Effect of Pulsed Electric Field Annealing on P3HT:PCBM Inverted Solar Cell Structure
49 IWPSD_2017_ABS_U6694 Mr. ANUJ RAJPOOT 2D Materials, Organic Semiconductors and Display Technologies Organic phototransistors employing a novel approach of photolithographic patterning on PMMA dielectric
50 IWPSD_2017_ABS_U9489 Mr. MADHU SEETHARAMAN S 2D Materials, Organic Semiconductors and Display Technologies Towards High Performance Large Area Two Color Hybrid White Organic Light Emitting Diodes for Lighting Applications
51 IWPSD_2017_ABS_V1910 Dr. Vijayarangamuthu Kalimuthu 2D Materials, Organic Semiconductors and Display Technologies Synthesis and characterization of black phosphorus/TiO2 composite via high energy ball milling method
52 IWPSD_2017_ABS_V5723 Dr. Vijay Lamba 2D Materials, Organic Semiconductors and Display Technologies Metal/Molecule/Semiconductor Junctions-A Theoretical Study
53 IWPSD_2017_ABS_V6346 Ms. Archana Sharma 2D Materials, Organic Semiconductors and Display Technologies CO catalytic oxidation on anti-site defected MoS2 sheet: A first principles study
54 IWPSD_2017_ABS_W5668 Mrs. Shikha Srivastava 2D Materials, Organic Semiconductors and Display Technologies Electrical Properties of Bulk MoS2| ZnO:Al Heterostructure Device
55 IWPSD_2017_ABS_X4541 Ms. Karishma Jain 2D Materials, Organic Semiconductors and Display Technologies Effect of processing conditions on Piezoelectric response of PVDF-TrFE copolymer films for flexible pressure sensors
56 IWPSD_2017_ABS_X6449 Ms. Nishta Arora 2D Materials, Organic Semiconductors and Display Technologies MoS2 resonators for enhanced sensing through Parametric Amplification
57 IWPSD_2017_ABS_Y2689 Mrs. Preeti Garg 2D Materials, Organic Semiconductors and Display Technologies Surface Enhanced IR Absorption and Raman Detection of Tryptophan Amino Acids over Silver Nanoislands Deposited on Graphene
58 IWPSD_2017_ABS_Y2956 Mr. Praveen S 2D Materials, Organic Semiconductors and Display Technologies Evolution of Band Structure of MoS2 Layers Grown by CVD Technique
59 IWPSD_2017_ABS_Y5375 Prof. S. Sundar Kumar Iyer 2D Materials, Organic Semiconductors and Display Technologies Ternary organic solar cells with active layer of P3HT:PCBM blend and PCPDTBT layer
60 IWPSD_2017_ABS_Y5939 Dr. Bhakti Jariwala 2D Materials, Organic Semiconductors and Display Technologies Large-scale growth of WSe2 and the impact of the 2d/3d interface
61 IWPSD_2017_ABS_Y7675 Mr. Navdeep Sharma 2D Materials, Organic Semiconductors and Display Technologies Synthesis Characterization and Temperature Conductivity of Poly (o-toluidine)
62 IWPSD_2017_ABS_Y7691 Dr. Manika Khanuja 2D Materials, Organic Semiconductors and Display Technologies Photocatalytic hybrid materials based on Conducting Polymers
63 IWPSD_2017_ABS_Y8905 Ms. Svetlana Jose 2D Materials, Organic Semiconductors and Display Technologies Solvent mixture formulation for Inkjet Printable Light Emitting Polymer with Pixdro LP50
64 IWPSD_2017_ABS_Y8926 Dr. Soumya Dutta 2D Materials, Organic Semiconductors and Display Technologies Microelectronic technology on Reduced Graphene Oxide film for scalable electronic devices
65 IWPSD_2017_ABS_Y9707 Dr. Niladri Sarkar 2D Materials, Organic Semiconductors and Display Technologies Transport properties and sub-band modulation of the SWCNT Based Nano-Scale Transistors
66 IWPSD_2017_ABS_A5083 Prof. Ajit Panda Compound Semiconductors Study of Nonlinear Electron Mobility near Resonance of Subband States in GaAs/InGaAs Pseudomorphic Double Quantum Well MODFET
67 IWPSD_2017_ABS_B3590 Prof. Naresh Padha Compound Semiconductors Effect of Annealing on Physical Characteristics of the Vacuum Evaporated mixed phase SnxSy Thin Films
68 IWPSD_2017_ABS_B6372 Ms. Juhi Srivastava Compound Semiconductors Electronic structure of amorphous Zinc-Oxynitride semiconductors
69 IWPSD_2017_ABS_C2750 Dr. Pravash Tripathy Compound Semiconductors Noise Estimation of Heterostructure GaAs/GaP over Homostructure GaAs and GaP Based IMPATT Devices at 94.0 GHz Frequency
70 IWPSD_2017_ABS_D2163 Mr. SANKALP SINGH Compound Semiconductors Study of Interface Trap Charges in InAs Nanowire Tunnel FET
71 IWPSD_2017_ABS_E8905 Mr. ARUN BANOTRA Compound Semiconductors Impact of annealing temperature change on thermally evaporated nano-crystalline SnxSy thin films as Solar Cell absorber
72 IWPSD_2017_ABS_F7368 Ms. kusum rawat Compound Semiconductors Synthesis and characterization of Cu2ZnSnS4 thin films by sol gel method
73 IWPSD_2017_ABS_F9534 Mr. Nasir Ali Compound Semiconductors Origin of Room Temperature Ferromagnetism in ZnO:Ag
74 IWPSD_2017_ABS_G3812 Mr. Deepak Bansal Compound Semiconductors Modeling Electrothermal Heating Effects in HBTs
75 IWPSD_2017_ABS_G8835 Ms. MARIYAL R Compound Semiconductors Calculation of Elastic Properties of Titanium Fluoride Compounds-A DFT Study
76 IWPSD_2017_ABS_H8011 Dr. Nripendra Halder Compound Semiconductors Growth of InAsP Quantum Dots in Wurtzite InP and Nanowires for Single-Photon Emission
77 IWPSD_2017_ABS_J8525 Ms. Suchismita Acharya Compound Semiconductors Controlled Synthesis of ZnO Material: Nanorods to Thin Films
78 IWPSD_2017_ABS_J9436 Dr. Manoj Saxena Compound Semiconductors Analytical Modeling and Simulation study of Homo and Hetero III-V Semiconductor based Tunnel Field Effect Transistor
79 IWPSD_2017_ABS_K1640 Ms. MOHUA CHAKRABORTY Compound Semiconductors Study on Structural optical and photoelectrochemical properties of hydrothermally grown ZnO nanorods arrays covered with ZnO
80 IWPSD_2017_ABS_K3878 Mr. Supratim Maity Compound Semiconductors Enhanced cold cathode electron emission from ZnO nanostructure attached amorphous carbon nanotubes
81 IWPSD_2017_ABS_K8670 Dr. Ashish Keshari Compound Semiconductors Surface Stabilised Quantum Confined ZnO Nanosystems
82 IWPSD_2017_ABS_L3192 Dr. T.V.S.L. VANI Compound Semiconductors Effect of composite electrode slurry preparation method on electrochemical characteristics of LiFePO 4 /C for Li-ion cell
83 IWPSD_2017_ABS_L4139 Mr. Rajesh T Compound Semiconductors Growth of Beta Phase Gallium Oxide Nanostructures on Sapphire Substrate by Chemical Vapour Deposition
84 IWPSD_2017_ABS_L9108 Mr. Ravi Pathak Compound Semiconductors Low temperature Si-Si and Si-Sapphire direct wafer bonding using spin on glass as insulator
85 IWPSD_2017_ABS_M9539 Mr. SUBHASIS DAS Compound Semiconductors Theoretical Study of Properties of GaSbBiN Alloys Using Band Anticrossing Model
86 IWPSD_2017_ABS_N2708 Dr. Ambesh Dixit Compound Semiconductors Light Emitting Diode Characteristics of Solution Processed n-ZnO/p-Si Heterostructures
87 IWPSD_2017_ABS_N7600 Dr. Ambesh Dixit Compound Semiconductors Band gap engineering of CdTe Quantum Dots by Doping Hg in Infrared Region
88 IWPSD_2017_ABS_O7488 Ms. Swati Sharma Compound Semiconductors Study and characterization of Ni doping on Zinc Sulfide Nanoparticles
89 IWPSD_2017_ABS_O7835 Ms. Nisha Kodan Compound Semiconductors Photoelectrochemical Study of TiO2/CdS Heterostructure Thin Films Prepared via rf Sputtering
90 IWPSD_2017_ABS_P9776 Mr. Dip Das Compound Semiconductors Energy gap modulation in amorphous titanium dioxide films by pulsed electron deposition
91 IWPSD_2017_ABS_R3398 Dr. Dipika Sharma Compound Semiconductors Understanding the optical and electrical properties of PbTiO3 thin films for Photoelectrochemical splitting of water
92 IWPSD_2017_ABS_S5077 Mr. RAJIB SAHA Compound Semiconductors Improvement of threshold-type resistive switching on CBD grown ZnO nanowires/p-Si heterojunctions with Ga-doping
93 IWPSD_2017_ABS_T5129 Mr. Amitesh Kumar Compound Semiconductors Al/ZnO/Al based memristor fabricated by Dual Ion Beam Sputtering with excellent endurance and retention
94 IWPSD_2017_ABS_T5236 Ms. Akanksha Singh Compound Semiconductors Charge transfer in metal-semiconductor quantum dot (Gold-Indium Phosphide) hybrid nanocomposites
95 IWPSD_2017_ABS_T6194 Mrs. Anita Singh Compound Semiconductors Modulating optical and electrical properties of Zinc Oxide with Aluminium doping
96 IWPSD_2017_ABS_T7438 Dr. Aadesh Singh Compound Semiconductors Improved photocatalytic activity of TiO2-MoS2 nanocomposite prepared by two-step hydrothermal method
97 IWPSD_2017_ABS_T8363 Mr. Arkaprava Das Compound Semiconductors Semiconductor to metal transition for Ni doped CdO thin films
98 IWPSD_2017_ABS_U3930 Mr. Joshua Asirvatham Compound Semiconductors Impact of argon pressure on the growth of GaSb thin films by pulsed laser deposition
99 IWPSD_2017_ABS_U7095 Mr. Vijay Maurya Compound Semiconductors Ab-initio calculation of thermoelectric properties of ZnSb
100 IWPSD_2017_ABS_V3820 Mr. DANISH ALI Compound Semiconductors Investigation of Wet Chemical Etching of ß-Ga2O3 for Energy Applications
101 IWPSD_2017_ABS_V6993 Mr. RAM AWASTHI Compound Semiconductors Temperature dependent structural and magnetic behaviour of multiferroic thin films.
102 IWPSD_2017_ABS_W2488 Ms. Anjali Devi Compound Semiconductors Effect of Substrate temperature on the characteristics of mixed phase SnTe0.32Se0.68 thin films
103 IWPSD_2017_ABS_W5886 Dr. Rashmi Gupta Compound Semiconductors Electrical and Optical Properties of Lead Niobate – Lead Zirconate – Lead Titanate (PNZT) Ternary System
104 IWPSD_2017_ABS_W6857 Dr. Pravash Tripathy Compound Semiconductors Analysis of Wide Band Gap IMPATT Devices at 1.0 THz Frequency
105 IWPSD_2017_ABS_W7994 Mr. Md Arif Khan Compound Semiconductors Enhanced Sheet Carrier Density in ZnO Based Heterostructure by Alloying Cadmium in Buffer Layer ZnO
106 IWPSD_2017_ABS_X2568 Ms. Janani R Compound Semiconductors Photocatalytic activity of hierarchically porous ZnxIn2-xS4 microspheres synthesized via hydrothermal route
107 IWPSD_2017_ABS_X2957 Mr. Simranjit Singh Compound Semiconductors Synthesis of Ag/TiO2 nanocomposite for waste water treatment
108 IWPSD_2017_ABS_X7229 Mr. Rohit Singh Compound Semiconductors Variation of 2DEG Density in DIBS-Grown MgZnO/ZnO and ZnO/MgZnO/ZnO Heterostructures
109 IWPSD_2017_ABS_X8074 Mr. Vivek Saraswat Compound Semiconductors Signs of Unconventional Physics in Long Channel Vertical InAs Nanowire MOSFETs
110 IWPSD_2017_ABS_Y3154 Mr. Akash Sharma Compound Semiconductors Enhancement of Solar-to-Hydrogen conversion efficiency achieved for Silicon doped ZnO nanorods
111 IWPSD_2017_ABS_Y8625 Mr. NARE BALARAM Compound Semiconductors Electrical properties of Au/n-InP Schottky diode modified using a high-k zirconium oxide (ZrO2) interlayer
112 IWPSD_2017_ABS_Y9674 Ms. Khyati Gautam Compound Semiconductors Surface Plasmon Resonance Enhanced UV Emission of Hydrothermally Grown ZnO Nanorods by Reduced Graphene Oxide
113 IWPSD_2017_ABS_C4693 Mr. Akant Sharma Crystal Growth, Epitaxy and Characterization InPBiN epitaxial layers grown by liquid phase epitaxy
114 IWPSD_2017_ABS_C8314 Mr. mithun bhowal Crystal Growth, Epitaxy and Characterization Study of thermally annealed GaSbBi quantum dots grown on GaAs by liguid phase epitaxy
115 IWPSD_2017_ABS_D6548 Mr. BABU CHINNATHAMBI Crystal Growth, Epitaxy and Characterization Structural spectroscopic optical and thermal study of bisthiourea doped ammonium dihydrogen phosphate single crystals.
116 IWPSD_2017_ABS_F1875 Dr. Rabindar Sharma Crystal Growth, Epitaxy and Characterization Growth of MoO3-V2O5 Nanoflowers on Nickel Coated[100] Silicon Substrate
117 IWPSD_2017_ABS_F4013 Mr. AMAL DAS Crystal Growth, Epitaxy and Characterization Growth mechanism and structural characterization of Nano-crystalline diamond (NCD) and Micro-crystalline diamond (MCD) films
118 IWPSD_2017_ABS_G4263 Mr. Rakesh Pandey Crystal Growth, Epitaxy and Characterization Sulfur ion implantation in GaSb epilayers grown on GaAs (001) substrate
119 IWPSD_2017_ABS_G7638 Mr. Prashant Singh Crystal Growth, Epitaxy and Characterization Preparation and Characterization of Al2O3 Film Deposited by RF Sputtering and Plasma Enhanced Atomic Layer Deposition
120 IWPSD_2017_ABS_H4076 Mr. Prashant Singh Crystal Growth, Epitaxy and Characterization Structural and Electrical characteristics of HfO2 Film deposited by RF Sputtering and Plasma Enhanced Atomic Layer Deposition
121 IWPSD_2017_ABS_H5101 Dr. Soumika Munshi Crystal Growth, Epitaxy and Characterization Study of Lapping Parameters for CdZnTe Substrate Thinning in HgCdTe based IRFPPAs
122 IWPSD_2017_ABS_J3298 Dr. Arvind Kumar Crystal Growth, Epitaxy and Characterization Effect of top gate electrode on the electrical properties of ZrO2 thin film based MIS capacitor
123 IWPSD_2017_ABS_K2792 Mr. Emroj Hossain Crystal Growth, Epitaxy and Characterization Optical floating zone growth of single crystal ß-Ga2O3: effect of gas ambient
124 IWPSD_2017_ABS_K4296 Mr. HARJINDER SINGH Crystal Growth, Epitaxy and Characterization Effect of samarium coordination on the structural thermal and optical properties of salicylic acid single crystal
125 IWPSD_2017_ABS_K7953 Mr. Prashant Singh Crystal Growth, Epitaxy and Characterization Structural and Electrical characteristics of TiO2 Film deposited by Plasma Enhanced Atomic Layer Deposition and RF Sputtering
126 IWPSD_2017_ABS_L8189 Ms. Goldy Slathia Crystal Growth, Epitaxy and Characterization Crystal Growth Structural and Optical Characterization of Lanthanum Chloride Urea – Thiourea Semi – Organic Complex
127 IWPSD_2017_ABS_L9048 Mr. SATISH KUMAR Crystal Growth, Epitaxy and Characterization Nanostructure formation by Ar+ Ion Irradiation on GaSb Surface
128 IWPSD_2017_ABS_N2929 Mr. Mahesh Gokhale Crystal Growth, Epitaxy and Characterization Control of WZ & ZB crystal phases in MOVPE grown GaP nanowires
129 IWPSD_2017_ABS_N8691 Dr. HIMANI KHANDURI Crystal Growth, Epitaxy and Characterization Study of Structural and Magnetic Properties of MnAl Thin Films on Si and GaAs Substrates Irradiated by H+
130 IWPSD_2017_ABS_O3051 Dr. Kumaragurubaran Somu Crystal Growth, Epitaxy and Characterization B-doped homoepitaxial diamond thinfilms and defect characterization
131 IWPSD_2017_ABS_O6455 Mr. Sovinder Rana Crystal Growth, Epitaxy and Characterization Structural and Electrical Characterization of MCT on CdTe/GaAs(211)
132 IWPSD_2017_ABS_P5876 Dr. Puspashree Mishra Crystal Growth, Epitaxy and Characterization Strain-balanced InAs/GaSb based type-II superlattice structures grown by molecular beam epitaxy
133 IWPSD_2017_ABS_P7385 Mr. Monoj Singha Crystal Growth, Epitaxy and Characterization Band Gap Tailoring and Raman Studies of Mn doped ZnO Thin Film Deposited by Ultrasonic Spray Pyrolysis
134 IWPSD_2017_ABS_Q1379 Ms. Megha Singh Crystal Growth, Epitaxy and Characterization Nitrogen plasma annealing of VxOy thin film for enhanced surface area application
135 IWPSD_2017_ABS_R3608 Mr. Subhomoy Haldar Crystal Growth, Epitaxy and Characterization Effect of barrier layer on the effective mass of excitons in GaAs/AlxGa1-xAs QWs investigated via Magneto-PL spectroscopy
136 IWPSD_2017_ABS_R5845 Mr. VIVEK GARG Crystal Growth, Epitaxy and Characterization Carrier Transport Properties of Ultra-Low Doped HgCdTe for Advanced IR Detectors
137 IWPSD_2017_ABS_R5986 Mr. Tahir Murtaza Crystal Growth, Epitaxy and Characterization Effect of Nd doping at A site on Structural and Electrical properties of multiferroic BiFeO3
138 IWPSD_2017_ABS_U3985 Ms. SHEETAL ISSAR Crystal Growth, Epitaxy and Characterization TiO2 nanostructures in various shape and size
139 IWPSD_2017_ABS_U7876 Ms. SONI KUMARI Crystal Growth, Epitaxy and Characterization Raman spectroscopy and HRXRD studies of Molecular beam epitaxy grown ternary GaAs1-xSbx
140 IWPSD_2017_ABS_U8663 Mr. Vishwas Saini Crystal Growth, Epitaxy and Characterization Low cost alloy deposition for High Power Applications
141 IWPSD_2017_ABS_X2065 Mr. SATYA BOKKA Crystal Growth, Epitaxy and Characterization Study of cutting-edge AFM modalities SEM and Profiler techniques in determining surface parameters & defects of Si wafer.
142 IWPSD_2017_ABS_X2575 Mr. SURESH JANGIR Crystal Growth, Epitaxy and Characterization Synthesis of self-assembled type II GaSb/GaAs quantum dots and morphological study by Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM)
143 IWPSD_2017_ABS_X4404 Mr. SUDEEP VERMA Crystal Growth, Epitaxy and Characterization Growth of optical grade Germanium (Ge) single crystals by Czochralski technique
144 IWPSD_2017_ABS_X9862 Mr. MOHAMMAD TALIB Crystal Growth, Epitaxy and Characterization Synthesis and characterization of TiS3 ribbons via CVT technique
145 IWPSD_2017_ABS_Y2856 Mr. Subodh Tyagi Crystal Growth, Epitaxy and Characterization Study of Crystalline Quality of MBE Grown CdTe Layers on 3” GaAs(211)B
146 IWPSD_2017_ABS_M1479 Mr. ANUP SHARMA 2D Materials, Organic Semiconductors and Display Technologies Diameter Dependent Band Gap Properties of Different Structures of Single-walled Carbon
147 IWPSD_2017_ABS_O2860 Mrs. Mahima Sharma 2D Materials, Organic Semiconductors and Display Technologies GO nanosheets for solar assisted dye degradation in aqueous solution
148 IWPSD_2017_ABS_T7716 Mr. Prashanth Kumar M 2D Materials, Organic Semiconductors and Display Technologies Temperature Dependent Open Circuit Voltage Variation of Organic Solar Cells
149 IWPSD_2017_ABS_B8109 Dr. Arun Singh III-Nitrides:Materials & Devices Modelling DC RF and Noise behaviour of AlGaN/GaN HEMT on SiC Substrate
150 IWPSD_2017_ABS_D3357 Dr. TRUPTI LENKA III-Nitrides:Materials & Devices Device Optimization of E-Mode N-Polar GaN MOS-HEMT for Low Noise RF & Microwave Applications
151 IWPSD_2017_ABS_D7704 Mr. chandan sharma III-Nitrides:Materials & Devices 60Co gamma Irradiation Effects on I-V Characteristics of AlGaN/GaN Schottky Diodes
152 IWPSD_2017_ABS_H1665 Mr. Subburaj Surender III-Nitrides:Materials & Devices Effect of Magnesium and Silicon doping in GaN thin films Grown by MOCVD
153 IWPSD_2017_ABS_H2091 Mr. KAPIL NARANG III-Nitrides:Materials & Devices Optimisation of AlN exclusion and AlGaN barrier layers in AlGaN/GaN HEMT
154 IWPSD_2017_ABS_I2994 Mr. Santosh Swain III-Nitrides:Materials & Devices Terahertz Properties of GaN/AlGaN heterostructure IMPATT Diode
155 IWPSD_2017_ABS_J4060 Mr. AJAY VISVKARMA III-Nitrides:Materials & Devices Investigation on the Variation of Sheet Resistance of RF Deposited Nichrome Thin Films with Deposition Parameters.
156 IWPSD_2017_ABS_K1393 Mr. Soumen Deb III-Nitrides:Materials & Devices Analytical Modeling of Channel Electric Field of AlGaN/GaN HEMT by Solving 2-D Poisson’s Equation
157 IWPSD_2017_ABS_L4421 Ms. Nisha Chugh III-Nitrides:Materials & Devices Impact of Temperature and Al composition on the threshold voltage and sheet carrier concentration of AlmGa1-mN/GaN/ AlmGa1-mN
158 IWPSD_2017_ABS_N9784 Prof. Shankar Pati III-Nitrides:Materials & Devices RF Performance Characteristics of Wide Band Impatts beyond 100 GHz
159 IWPSD_2017_ABS_P8139 Mr. Yogendra Yadav III-Nitrides:Materials & Devices High performance AlGaN/GaN high electron mobility transistors
160 IWPSD_2017_ABS_R1080 Mr. Shibin Krishna III-Nitrides:Materials & Devices Enhanced current transport in GaN/AlN/GaN double barrier hetero-structure
161 IWPSD_2017_ABS_R1204 Mr. PRADEEP SIDDHAM III-Nitrides:Materials & Devices Effect of growth time on thickness of InAlN/GaN heterostructures grown by MOCVD
162 IWPSD_2017_ABS_R8553 Mr. Udit Rawal III-Nitrides:Materials & Devices Modeling of Self Heating Effect for Different Gate Lengths and its Impact on DC Characteristics of AlGaN/GaN HEMT
163 IWPSD_2017_ABS_T1277 Dr. Viswas Nair III-Nitrides:Materials & Devices Direct epitaxial lateral overgrowth of GaN on Sapphire
164 IWPSD_2017_ABS_T9946 Mr. Sukalpa Mishra III-Nitrides:Materials & Devices The dependence of off-state breakdown of AlGaN/GaN HEMTs on buffer traps gate bias and field plate
165 IWPSD_2017_ABS_U7680 Dr. Vijay Lamba III-Nitrides:Materials & Devices Modeling Electrical Properties of Graphene-Boron-Nitride Thin Film
166 IWPSD_2017_ABS_V2050 Mr. sandeep kumar III-Nitrides:Materials & Devices Capture cross-section estimation of traps in AlGaN/GaN HEMT on Silicon
167 IWPSD_2017_ABS_V2959 Dr. RAJESH BAG III-Nitrides:Materials & Devices Influence of AlN Nucleation Layer Thickness on the AlGaN/GaN Heterostructures Grown on SiC by MOVPE
168 IWPSD_2017_ABS_V7078 Mr. Abhiram Gundimeda III-Nitrides:Materials & Devices A non-polar GaN based high performance UV photo detector
169 IWPSD_2017_ABS_W3828 Mr. Niraj Kumar III-Nitrides:Materials & Devices Thermal Control of stress in photo resist film for improving selectivity in electro-plating process
170 IWPSD_2017_ABS_W5512 Mr. Aneesh Dash III-Nitrides:Materials & Devices III-N Nanowire Devices for Low-Power Applications
171 IWPSD_2017_ABS_X1847 Mr. Kankat Ghosh III-Nitrides:Materials & Devices AlGaN/GaN Based High Electron Mobility Transistor Structures on Different Substrates
172 IWPSD_2017_ABS_X1860 Mr. Pavani Vamsi Nittala III-Nitrides:Materials & Devices Electrical characterization of GaN on Glass technology
173 IWPSD_2017_ABS_D3692 Dr. Ashish Kumar III-Nitrides:Materials & Devices Understanding Current Transport Mechanism in n-GaN for Thermoelectric Applications
174 IWPSD_2017_ABS_E7102 Mr. Sumit Verma III-Nitrides:Materials & Devices Title: Enhancement Mode Gan Vertical Transistor with High Breakdown Voltage
175 IWPSD_2017_ABS_E9965 Dr. Apurba Chakraborty III-Nitrides:Materials & Devices Effect of AlGaN Barrier Thickness on Trapping Characteristics in AlGaN/GaN Heterostructures
176 IWPSD_2017_ABS_G5887 Mr. ASHISH PRAJAPATI III-Nitrides:Materials & Devices Characterisation of III-V Nitride Based Blue Single Quantum Well Laser Diode
177 IWPSD_2017_ABS_H3893 Mr. Swagata Bhunia III-Nitrides:Materials & Devices Effect of AlN Capping on Thermal Stability of GaN Nanowires Grown by PAMBE Technique
178 IWPSD_2017_ABS_I3968 Mr. Monu Mishra III-Nitrides:Materials & Devices Photoemission studies of GaN and AlGaN/GaN heterostructure
179 IWPSD_2017_ABS_I6493 Mrs. MANSI AGRAWAL III-Nitrides:Materials & Devices Effect of surface treatments on the evolution of microstructures in GaN thin films and GaN/AlGaN/GaN heterostructures
180 IWPSD_2017_ABS_J1430 Mrs. SHONAL CHOUKSEY III-Nitrides:Materials & Devices Electrical injection of carriers in an InGaN/GaN single nanowire
181 IWPSD_2017_ABS_J5383 Dr. Rajat Mahapatra III-Nitrides:Materials & Devices Band alignment of Sputtered Al2O3/GaN for MIS-HEMT applications
182 IWPSD_2017_ABS_J6188 Mr. PUNYABRATA GHATAK III-Nitrides:Materials & Devices A Physics Based Analytical Model for the Threshold Voltage of a Normally-off AlGaN/GaN FinFET
183 IWPSD_2017_ABS_K2355 Mr. Abhishek Chatterjee III-Nitrides:Materials & Devices Effect of capacitance hysteresis on the performance of GaN metal-oxide- semiconductor photo detectors
184 IWPSD_2017_ABS_K5547 Mr. Vikas Pendem III-Nitrides:Materials & Devices Theoretical Modeling of Size-dependent Exciton Binding Energy in AlGaN/GaN/AlGaN Core-shell Nanostructure
185 IWPSD_2017_ABS_K6553 Mr. Dipankar Jana III-Nitrides:Materials & Devices Compensation of unintentional donors in AlGaN/GaN HEMT structures by Mg-doping during initial growth of GaN buffer layer
186 IWPSD_2017_ABS_K8287 Mr. AYUSH khandelwal III-Nitrides:Materials & Devices Trapping phenomenon in AlInN/GaN HEMTs: a study based on drain current transient spectroscopy
187 IWPSD_2017_ABS_L6971 Mrs. Neha Aggarwal III-Nitrides:Materials & Devices Fabrication of GaN Nanoflowers based Highly Sensitive Self-Powered UV Photodetection Device
188 IWPSD_2017_ABS_M1435 Ms. MANJARI GARG III-Nitrides:Materials & Devices Tuning of Surface Potential of Gallium Nitride Using Organic Molecules
189 IWPSD_2017_ABS_M3960 Dr. Nidhi Chaturvedi III-Nitrides:Materials & Devices Development of GaN HEMTs based Biosensor
190 IWPSD_2017_ABS_M4285 Mr. SHUBHENDRA JAIN III-Nitrides:Materials & Devices Metal Contact Engineered Epitaxial GaN Based Ultraviolet Photodetector
191 IWPSD_2017_ABS_M7574 Mr. Bhanu Upadhyay III-Nitrides:Materials & Devices Lateral Oxidation of AlGaN for Enhancement Mode AlGaN/GaN HEMT
192 IWPSD_2017_ABS_O1224 Ms. Akanksha Rawat III-Nitrides:Materials & Devices Effective Gate Insulation and Passivation of AlGaN/GaN HEMT by Thermally Grown TiO2 and Al2O3
193 IWPSD_2017_ABS_P7493 Dr. SM Islam III-Nitrides:Materials & Devices Negative differential resistance in deep-ultra violet light emitting diodes: a route to novel photonic devices
194 IWPSD_2017_ABS_Q5208 Dr. Dip Samajdar III-Nitrides:Materials & Devices Computation of Electronic and Optical properties of GaAsSbN Using 16-Band k•p Hamiltonian
195 IWPSD_2017_ABS_Q7905 Mr. Sanjay S III-Nitrides:Materials & Devices Growth of gallium nitride nanowires on nickel/sapphire template by chemical vapour deposition
196 IWPSD_2017_ABS_S5267 Mrs. Nayana Remesh III-Nitrides:Materials & Devices Investigation of ALD deposited Al2O3 on AlGaN/GaN HEMT-on-silicon for low gate leakage
197 IWPSD_2017_ABS_S5522 Ms. Jaya Jha III-Nitrides:Materials & Devices OFF State Degradation of MOS-HEMTs
198 IWPSD_2017_ABS_S6786 Mr. LALIT GOSWAMI III-Nitrides:Materials & Devices Gallium Nitride Nanostructure based self powered MSM UV Photodetector
199 IWPSD_2017_ABS_S8937 Mr. MANASA JENA III-Nitrides:Materials & Devices Effect of Spacer Layer in an InP/InGaAs Metamorphic d-doped Hetero junction Bipolar Transistor
200 IWPSD_2017_ABS_T4705 Mr. RITAM SARKAR III-Nitrides:Materials & Devices Impact of growth condition on structural and optical properties of GaN nanowires grown on Si(111) substrates by PA-MBE
201 IWPSD_2017_ABS_U1892 Mr. Ramit Mondal III-Nitrides:Materials & Devices Advantage of Step-graded EBL to Improve the IQE of deep ultraviolet LED
202 IWPSD_2017_ABS_V2050 Mr. sandeep kumar III-Nitrides:Materials & Devices Capture cross-section estimation of traps in AlGaN/GaN HEMT on Silicon
203 IWPSD_2017_ABS_W3771 Mr. Yogendra Yadav III-Nitrides:Materials & Devices Improved Ohmic Contacts by Surface Treatment on AlGaN/GaN heterostructures
204 IWPSD_2017_ABS_X5289 Mr. ASHISH PRAJAPATI III-Nitrides:Materials & Devices Modelling of Flux Spectral Density and Power Spectral Density for four GaN QWs
205 IWPSD_2017_ABS_X7002 Dr. Rajat Vishnoi III-Nitrides:Materials & Devices Comparison of the different smoothing functions used in physics based FET models for RF and AMS applications
206 IWPSD_2017_ABS_Y3246 Mr. Ramesh CH III-Nitrides:Materials & Devices Influence of growth Temperature on Structural and Optical properties of GaN Nanostructures on Ti foil using Laser MBE
207 IWPSD_2017_ABS_A2436 Mr. Subhrajit Sikdar Optoelectronics Designing InP-nanowire based vertical metal-oxide-semiconductor capacitors for wavelength selective visible light sensing
208 IWPSD_2017_ABS_B8126 Mr. Salahuddin Khan Optoelectronics Direct measurement of carrier dynamics of near-surface quantum well using two color pump-probe reflectivity
209 IWPSD_2017_ABS_B8335 Prof. Sushil Kumar Optoelectronics Opto-structural properties of SnO2 nanoparticles prepared by sol-gel route
210 IWPSD_2017_ABS_D4269 Ms. Shalu Chaudhary Optoelectronics Substrate Dependent Growth of DH6T Small Molecules in Vapor deposited Thin Films
211 IWPSD_2017_ABS_D9888 Dr. Usha Shukla Optoelectronics Influence of Temperature on the Electroluminescence of CdS:Cu Nanophosphors
212 IWPSD_2017_ABS_E4735 Ms. MADHAVI NANDIMATH Optoelectronics Study of Opto-electronic Properties of PMMA/TiO2/Rh6G Fluorescent Polymer Nanocomposites
213 IWPSD_2017_ABS_E6360 Mr. RITESH BHARDWAJ Optoelectronics MgZnO based UV heterojunction photodetector fabricated using dual ion beam sputtering
214 IWPSD_2017_ABS_E9159 Mr. Amit Shah Optoelectronics ICP-RIE etching of ß-Ga2O3 in Chlorine-based plasma chemistry
215 IWPSD_2017_ABS_F5290 Mr. MADHUSUDAN MISHRA Optoelectronics Modelling silicon photonic waveguide actuators exploiting ferroelectric domain switching in BaTiO3
216 IWPSD_2017_ABS_F5507 Dr. Shivani Dhall Optoelectronics Photo-response of carbon nanotubes and Si junctions
217 IWPSD_2017_ABS_F6328 Mrs. Nilima Singh Optoelectronics Estimation of Current Conduction Mechanisms using Gated MWIR HgCdTe Photodiode
218 IWPSD_2017_ABS_G3933 Dr. Rachna Manchanda Optoelectronics Magnetotransport Characterization of p-on-n heterostructures in HgCdTe
219 IWPSD_2017_ABS_H1792 Ms. Nahid Chaudhary Optoelectronics Multi wavelength Optical Sensing of 2D Molybdenum Disulphide nanosheets synthesized by facile Hydrothermal process
220 IWPSD_2017_ABS_H1960 Mr. Kuldip Singh Optoelectronics InGaN/GaN MQWs Blue Light Emitting Diodes with Transparent Ni/ITO and Pt/ITO p-Type Contacts
221 IWPSD_2017_ABS_I2425 Dr. Dip Samajdar Optoelectronics Investigation of Electronic and Optical properties of GaSbBi/GaAs Type-II Quantum Wells Using 14-Band k•p Hamiltonian
222 IWPSD_2017_ABS_I5219 Ms. BINDU RAINA Optoelectronics Wet Chemical Route Synthesis Spectroscopic Opto-electrical Characterization of Lanthanum Phosphate Nanoparticles
223 IWPSD_2017_ABS_J2332 Dr. Sanjeev Tyagi Optoelectronics Simulation Studies on Reflectivity Spectrum of VCSEL Operating at 0.85 µm
224 IWPSD_2017_ABS_J6666 Mr. Ashraf Ali Optoelectronics Investigations on the effects of 150 MeV Ag ion irradiations on 4H– SiC
225 IWPSD_2017_ABS_J7594 Ms. Amrita Dey Optoelectronics Influence of Organic Matrix Media on the Structural and Optical Properties of Hybrid Lead Halide Perovskite
226 IWPSD_2017_ABS_J9884
Optoelectronics A discussion on the contribution of generation-recombination and trap-assisted-tunnelling currents to the dark current in narrow band gap material diodes
227 IWPSD_2017_ABS_L1103 Dr. Vikas Sharma Optoelectronics Effect of Carbon Ion Implantation on a Bi-Layer Transparent Electrode
228 IWPSD_2017_ABS_L1639 Mr. Swarnadip Mukherjee Optoelectronics Type-II superlattice infrared photodetector (T2SL IRPD) miniband modeling: An atomistic NEGF study
229 IWPSD_2017_ABS_L2072 Mr. ASHISH PRAJAPATI Optoelectronics Investigation on the temperature dependent high luminous efficiency for blue organic light emitting diodes
230 IWPSD_2017_ABS_L6482 Mr. Ashok P Optoelectronics Numerical Analysis of Absorptive Bistability in Quantum Cascade Lasers
231 IWPSD_2017_ABS_M4120 Mr. Kavi Rasu K Optoelectronics Photoluminescence Properties of Eu3+ doped LiGd(WO4)2 Red Phosphors for Optoelectronic Applications
232 IWPSD_2017_ABS_M7572 Ms. MADHU BOCHALYA Optoelectronics Fabrication and Characterization of Lead-Free Inorganic Organic Hybrid Perovskite Materials
233 IWPSD_2017_ABS_O4233 Mr. Sona Das Optoelectronics Row-column addressable InAs/GaSb Type-II superlattice mid wave infrared photodiode array
234 IWPSD_2017_ABS_O8640 Dr. Raghvendra Saxena Optoelectronics 2D Numerical Simulations based Design of Experiments for Optimization of InGaAs p-i-n Photodiode
235 IWPSD_2017_ABS_P1687 Ms. Sugandha Sharma Optoelectronics Effect of oxygen pressure on growth of Cd0.05Zn0.95O thin films using pulsed laser deposition
236 IWPSD_2017_ABS_P2032 Mr. Sunil Kumar Optoelectronics Estimation of the occupied density of states using capacitance -voltage measurement in the NPB system
237 IWPSD_2017_ABS_P8471 Mr. Abid Abid Optoelectronics Development of reduced graphene oxide based broadband optical detector with high Responsivity
238 IWPSD_2017_ABS_R2992 Mr. Subhash Singh Optoelectronics Degradation and bias-stress effect in TIPS-pentacene based organic thin film transistors with polymer dielectric
239 IWPSD_2017_ABS_S1278 Mr. ANAND SINGH Optoelectronics InGaAs based short-wave infrared p-i-n photodetector
240 IWPSD_2017_ABS_S3335 Mr. Bhera Tak Optoelectronics Oxygen Vacancies Tailored Crystalline Disorder In ß-Ga2O3 Thin Films and Its Effect on Photodetector Response
241 IWPSD_2017_ABS_S4865 Mr. Abhishek Sharma Optoelectronics Optimization of Al composition in EBL of InGaN/GaN based laser diodes
242 IWPSD_2017_ABS_T4462 Mr. Ashok Chauhan Optoelectronics Highly Reflective Low Resistance Pt/Ag/Ni/Au Based Ohmic Contacts on p-GaN
243 IWPSD_2017_ABS_T5012 Ms. Geetanjali Vashisht Optoelectronics InAsP/InP multiple quantum well based IR detectors with enhanced spectral photoresponse
244 IWPSD_2017_ABS_T8987 Dr. Pramod Kumar Optoelectronics Three dimensional thermal modelling of laser diode stack
245 IWPSD_2017_ABS_U1439 Ms. Dipti Sejwal Optoelectronics Fabrication of optical microcavities to study polaritonic physics and it’s implementation in novel devices.
246 IWPSD_2017_ABS_V2257 Dr. N. Nanda Reddy Optoelectronics Role of substrate bias voltage on electrical and structural properties of Al/(Ta2O5)0.85(TiO2)0.15/p-Si MIS Schottky diodes
247 IWPSD_2017_ABS_W4211 Ms. Anamika Pratiyush Optoelectronics MBE-grown ß-Ga2O3 MSM solar-blind photodetector: Carrier transport and effect of Al2O3 passivation
248 IWPSD_2017_ABS_W7690 Mr. P.V. Raghavendra Optoelectronics Electrical Characteristics of Spray Deposited n-ZnO:Sr/p-Si Heterojunction
249 IWPSD_2017_ABS_W7953 Mr. Jitesh Agrawal Optoelectronics Optical and Structural analysis of surfactant assisted hydrothermal growth ZnO Nanostructures
250 IWPSD_2017_ABS_X3227 Mr. Amit Bhunia Optoelectronics Experimental Evidences of Bias Driven Photogenerated Indirect Excitons in p-i-n diode using Photocapacitance at room temperat
251 IWPSD_2017_ABS_X8359 Mr. RASHMI KUMAR Optoelectronics Performance optimization and analysis of ZnO based green light emitting diode
252 IWPSD_2017_ABS_Y3866 Mr. Sourabh Pal Optoelectronics Enhanced Photodetection in Plasmonic Au-ZnO Nanocomposites Photonic Devices
253 IWPSD_2017_ABS_A9435 Mrs. Deepti Jain Optoelectronics Estimation of Scattering Loss Due to Sidewall Roughness in High Power Laser Diodes
254 IWPSD_2017_ABS_E3635 Mr. Deepak Mohanty Optoelectronics Stable optical quality SiO2/TiO2 stack development for the facet coating of laser diodes
255 IWPSD_2017_ABS_F3888 Mr. Sreevatsa Kurudi Optoelectronics Scaling of Silicon PIN Waveguide Photodetector at 1550 nm Wavelength
256 IWPSD_2017_ABS_N4712 Mr. Awanish Pandey Optoelectronics Si-photonics assisted Optical Single Side Band Generation Transmission and Reception
257 IWPSD_2017_ABS_P5027 Dr. Manoj Saxena Optoelectronics Optically Controlled Silicon On Nothing MOSFET-Numerical Simulation
258 IWPSD_2017_ABS_A1159 Dr. Vivek Shukla Photovoltaics Mixed solvent engineering to optimize morphology and optical properties of perovskite thin films for an efficient solar cell
259 IWPSD_2017_ABS_A3780 Mr. Sreejith KP Photovoltaics A new additive-free industrial chemical texturing process for diamond wire cut multicrystalline Si wafers
260 IWPSD_2017_ABS_B6815 Dr. Vari Reddy Photovoltaics Efficiency enhancement of PCDTBT:PCBM polymer solar cells by plasmonic effects of Ag nanoparticles
261 IWPSD_2017_ABS_D1829 Dr. Rakhi Grover Photovoltaics Studies on alternate counter electrode materials for Pt – free dye sensitized solar cells
262 IWPSD_2017_ABS_D2159 Ms. Swasti Bhatia Photovoltaics MoO3 as hole-selective layer for diffusion-free solar cells
263 IWPSD_2017_ABS_D4276 Mr. Yash Gupta Photovoltaics Green Synthesis of Copper Oxide/Titanium Oxide (Cu2O/TiO2) nanocomposite with enhanced photovoltaic applications
264 IWPSD_2017_ABS_D9753 Ms. SAKSHI KOUL Photovoltaics Investigation of Active Layer Thickness Variation on the Performance of Bulk Heterojunction Organic Solar Cells
265 IWPSD_2017_ABS_E4456 Ms. Baishakhi Pal Photovoltaics Novel Technique for Fabrication of n-type Crystalline Silicon Selective Emitter Solar Cell
266 IWPSD_2017_ABS_E7361 Dr. Ganesh Patil Photovoltaics Concentration dependent Blended P3HT: PCBM inverted organic solar cell using solution- processed ZnO Electron transport layer
267 IWPSD_2017_ABS_G1901 Mr. Pilik Basumatary Photovoltaics Large area MAPbI3 perovskite thin films by two step method with improved stability
268 IWPSD_2017_ABS_G8410 Ms. Kausturi Chatterjee Photovoltaics A comparative study of SiO2:TiO2 composite and SiO2 film by Sol-Gel method for solar cell application
269 IWPSD_2017_ABS_G9665 Ms. Soma Ray Photovoltaics A novel method of texturization in diamond cut n-type C-Si wafer
270 IWPSD_2017_ABS_H6368 Mr. Prabakaran Kandasamy Photovoltaics Structural and Optical Characterization of InGaN/GaN based Quantum Well Structures grown by MOCVD
272 IWPSD_2017_ABS_H7127 Mr. Lalchand Patle Photovoltaics Incorporation of Fe3+ ions into TiO2 nanoparticles for the application of Dye Sensitized Solar Cell
273 IWPSD_2017_ABS_I8715 Ms. Bhumika Chaudhary Photovoltaics Transient and steady state photo-current spectroscopic analysis of inorganic-organic lead halide perovskite semiconductor
274 IWPSD_2017_ABS_J5869 Ms. DEBOLINA SAHA Photovoltaics Application of n-doped ZnO Nanorods as n-layer for crystalline Si solar cells
275 IWPSD_2017_ABS_J7539 Mr. Naresh Kumawat Photovoltaics Organic-Inorganic Metal Halide Perovskite Materials for Solar Cell Application
276 IWPSD_2017_ABS_K1428 Dr. Rajni Sharma Photovoltaics Role of Carbon Dots in Polymer Based Bulk Heterojunction Solar Cells to Achieve High Open Circuit Voltage
277 IWPSD_2017_ABS_K4842 Dr. Shiv Dixit Photovoltaics Effect of Thermal Stress on Power Conversion Efficiency of PCDTBT:PC71BM Organic Solar Cells
278 IWPSD_2017_ABS_K6514 Mr. SANGARAVADIVEL MASILAMANI Photovoltaics Effect of Oxidation in Implanted Phosphorus Dopants
279 IWPSD_2017_ABS_K7339 Mr. khursheed Parrey Photovoltaics Metal sulfide (CdS) as a possible electron transporting layer (ETL) in perovskite absorber based solar cell
280 IWPSD_2017_ABS_K7801 Mr. Ashish Kulkarni Photovoltaics Eco-friendly Bismuth Based Light Absorbing Materials For Lead Free Perovskite Solar Cells.
281 IWPSD_2017_ABS_L2198 Mr. VIVEK GARG Photovoltaics Evaluation of Ga: MgZnO/CIGSe Heterojunction for realization of all Sputtered buffer-less Solar Cell
282 IWPSD_2017_ABS_L8646 Ms. JYOTI BANSAL Photovoltaics Temperature Dependent Charge/Energy Transfer Studies of PEDOT:PSS-TiO2 Composites
283 IWPSD_2017_ABS_L8849 Ms. Vandana Khanna Photovoltaics Parameter extraction of Large Area Silicon Solar Cells using Differential Evolution
284 IWPSD_2017_ABS_M4555 Ms. Shilpi Shital Photovoltaics Study of light propagation through different TiO2 films to aid designing of DSSCs using Four-Flux method
285 IWPSD_2017_ABS_M5930 Mr. Akash Singh Photovoltaics Methylamine Vapor Annealing for Improved Morphology and Stability of Cesium-methylamine Lead Halide Perovskite Thin-Films
286 IWPSD_2017_ABS_M8634 Dr. SATYA MAHATO Photovoltaics Design and Optimization of Hybrid Photovoltaic Cell by Converting Thermal Loss to Usable Electric Energy
287 IWPSD_2017_ABS_M9947 Mrs. Amruta Pattnaik Photovoltaics Enhancement in power conversion efficiency of Multi crystalline silicon solar cell by ZnS Nano particles with PMMA
288 IWPSD_2017_ABS_N4739 Ms. Saima Cherukat Photovoltaics Design Optimization of Bifacial Solar Cells with Bifaciality of 100 %
289 IWPSD_2017_ABS_O1811 Dr. Sanjay Sardana Photovoltaics Tunable Plasmonic Properties from Ag-Au Alloy Nanoparticle Thin Films
290 IWPSD_2017_ABS_O3781 Mr. Rajesh Jha Photovoltaics Simulation of Solar Cell Using Hfo2 as a Passivation Layer in Silvaco Tcad Tool
291 IWPSD_2017_ABS_O8179 Mrs. Shefali Jain Photovoltaics Post annealing effects on structural and morphological properties of colloidal Cu2ZnSnS4 (CZTS) thin films.
292 IWPSD_2017_ABS_P2728 Mr. Sudarshan Singh Photovoltaics Green route synthesis of CZTS nanocrystals for photovoltaic applications
293 IWPSD_2017_ABS_P4321 Mr. MANOJ VISHWAKARMA Photovoltaics Nanoscale Characterizations of Secondary Phases and CZTSe Thin Films
294 IWPSD_2017_ABS_Q2623 Dr. Trilok Singh Photovoltaics Perovskite solar cell fabrication under air ambient and controlled humidity conditions with efficiency over 21% and stability
295 IWPSD_2017_ABS_Q5325 Dr. PRABIR BASU Photovoltaics 20.3% effective efficiency monocrystalline silicon solar cells using low-cost processing with laboratory fabrication tools
296 IWPSD_2017_ABS_Q8318 Mr. Nimit Gandhi Photovoltaics DC Sputtered and Laser Scribed Bilayer Molybdenum Thin Film Substrate for CIGS Solar Cell Module
297 IWPSD_2017_ABS_R5181 Mr. Anil Kumar Photovoltaics Studies on the PEDOT: PSS/n-Si hybrid heterojunction diode
298 IWPSD_2017_ABS_R9798 Mr. Ramakrishna Madaka Photovoltaics Amorphous silicon thin film solar cells fabricated on different substrates
299 IWPSD_2017_ABS_S2177 Mr. Prashant Singh Photovoltaics Enhancing Efficiency of PEDOT:PSS Based Heterojunction Solar Cell Through Ultra-Thin Oxide
300 IWPSD_2017_ABS_S3896 Mr. SHASHI SRIVASTAVA Photovoltaics High Performing Efficient Fullerene-Alloy Based Ternary Bulk Heterojunction Polymer Solar Cells
301 IWPSD_2017_ABS_S4145 Mr. Ranveer Singh Photovoltaics Thickness-dependent tunable optoelectronic properties of n-MoO3/p-Si heterojunction for photovoltaic applications
302 IWPSD_2017_ABS_S6284 Mr. Vikas Nandal Photovoltaics Extraction of recombination rate constants using illumination dependent Voc of Perovskite solar cells
303 IWPSD_2017_ABS_T1109 Mr. Tarun Yadav Photovoltaics Cell efficiency enhancement in industrial monocrystalline silicon solar cells using new low-cost chemical passivation process
304 IWPSD_2017_ABS_T3343 Ms. priya suryavanshi Photovoltaics Ball Milled Fabricated Copper Indium Gallium Diselenide Sputter Target for Photovoltaic Devices
305 IWPSD_2017_ABS_U7336 Ms. Sonu Bishnoi Photovoltaics Transport properties across La0.7Sr0.3MnO3/STON and La0.7Sr0.3MnO3/ZnO perovskite solar cells
306 IWPSD_2017_ABS_V5830 Ms. Parul Chawla Photovoltaics Development of ZnS(O OH) as Potential Alternatives for Replacing Toxic Buffer Layer of CdS for CIGSe-based Solar Cells
307 IWPSD_2017_ABS_V6728 Mr. Durga Sankar Vavilapalli Photovoltaics Band gap narrowing in perovskite BiFeO3 by altering its structure into Brownmillerite KBiFe2O5
308 IWPSD_2017_ABS_V9394 Mrs. Shivangi Jha Photovoltaics Print-on-print metallization of front contacts in silicon solar cells to reduce the shadow losses
309 IWPSD_2017_ABS_W2059 Dr. Rachna Manchanda Photovoltaics HgCdTe epitaxial layer surface treatment using Ammonium sulfide before Passivation
310 IWPSD_2017_ABS_W3362 Mr. Irfan Khorakiwala Photovoltaics Studies on n-type a-Si:H and the influence of ITO deposition process on silicon heterojunction solar cells
311 IWPSD_2017_ABS_X2075 Mr. Basant Saini Photovoltaics Improved extraction of photo-generated carriers in InGaN MQWSC: Effect of staggered quantum wells with triple indium content.
312 IWPSD_2017_ABS_X3363 Prof. Achintya Dhar Photovoltaics Efficiency Enhancement in Zinc Oxide based Inverted Polymer Solar Cells Using Organic Small Molecule Interfacial Modifiers
313 IWPSD_2017_ABS_X5401 Mr. Prashant Singh Photovoltaics Alkaline Treatment of Silicon Nanostructures for efficient PEDOT:PSS/Si Heterojunction Solar Cells
314 IWPSD_2017_ABS_Y5544 Dr. Prashant Ghediya Photovoltaics Effect of Microstructure on Electrical Properties of Cu2ZnSnS4 Films Deposited from Inks
315 IWPSD_2017_ABS_A9543 Mr. Prasanta Kumbhakar Semiconductors for Quantum Computing Modeling of Coplanar Waveguide Resonator and its coupling with equivalent RF circuit of a Quantum Point Contact
316 IWPSD_2017_ABS_A9543 Mr. Prasanta Kumbhakar Semiconductors for Quantum Computing Modeling of Coplanar Waveguide Resonator and its coupling with equivalent RF circuit of a Quantum Point Contact
317 IWPSD_2017_ABS_B5813 Dr. Partha Das Semiconductors for Quantum Computing Towards the realization of an all-electric semiconductor Datta-Das Spin Field Effect Transistor
318 IWPSD_2017_ABS_P4581 Dr. Sarmistha Maity Semiconductors for Quantum Computing Single hole tunneling through multiple dopants in a p-type junction less transistor
319 IWPSD_2017_ABS_S1831 Prof. Bhaskaran Muralidharan Semiconductors for Quantum Computing Role of nuclear spin dynamics on singlet-triplet qubits
320 IWPSD_2017_ABS_T3532 Mr. WASI UDDIN Semiconductors for Quantum Computing Single electron tunneling and noise study in germanium quantum dot device fabricated via bottom up approach
321 IWPSD_2017_ABS_A4789 Mr. Akhil Ramesh Sensors Magnetostrictive Sense Layer for MTJ based Ultrasensitive MEMS Pressure Sensor
322 IWPSD_2017_ABS_A5737 Mr. ABHAY SHRIVAS Sensors Synthesis and Characterization Polyaniline (PANI) For Ammonia (NH3) Sensing Application
323 IWPSD_2017_ABS_A6482 Dr. TRUPTI LENKA Sensors Dielectric Modulated AlGaAs/GaAs HEMT for Label Free Detection of Biomolecules
324 IWPSD_2017_ABS_A6635 Prof. Mridula Gupta Sensors Investigation of sensitivity of Gate Underlap Junctionless DG MOSFET for Biomolecules
325 IWPSD_2017_ABS_B1224 Mrs. ABHA PANCHAL Sensors Process Design for Fabrication of Multi-Stack MEMS Capacitive Push-Pull Accelerometer Based on SOI Technology
327 IWPSD_2017_ABS_B9079 Mr. Avvaru Narasimha Rao Sensors High Speed Etching of Silicon in KOH and Its Application in MEMS Fabrication
328 IWPSD_2017_ABS_C2568 Ms. Aaryashree Aaryashree Sensors Molar concentration variation in hydrothermal growth for highly porous Zn-BTC metal-organic framework
329 IWPSD_2017_ABS_C7807 Mrs. Anu Sandhu Sensors Low Power Fast Switching Single Electron Transistor Based on [Ni(dmit)2]
330 IWPSD_2017_ABS_C9113 Dr. ATANU DAS Sensors Highly Sensitive Superficial Niobium Oxide(NbOx)-Niobium (Nb) Thin Film Extended Gate FETs as pH Sensor
331 IWPSD_2017_ABS_D8107 Dr. Soumya Dutta Sensors Array of inexpensive polymer-based Surface Acoustic Wave device with high operating frequency
332 IWPSD_2017_ABS_E2857 Mr. Arijit Das Sensors Development of Low Leakage Charged Particle Detectors Suitable for Alpha Spectroscopy
333 IWPSD_2017_ABS_E9480 Mr. Rahul Prajesh Sensors Improving Ammonia Sensitivity on Tin Oxide by Annealing Time Optimization
334 IWPSD_2017_ABS_F4064 Mr. SURAJ TS Sensors Electrical transport studies in Iridium Doped ZnO thin films
335 IWPSD_2017_ABS_F4145 Dr. Akarapu Ashok Sensors An investigation into resonant frequency of various shaped microcantilevers for MEMS based sensors
336 IWPSD_2017_ABS_G2647 Mr. Manikandan Nagarajan Sensors Implantable multisensory microelectrode biosensor for revealing neuron and brain functions
338 IWPSD_2017_ABS_H2707 Mr. Arun Panwar Sensors PSPICE Circuit Simulation of Microbolometer IRFPA Unit Cell using Sub-Circuit Model of Microbolometer
339 IWPSD_2017_ABS_H3336 Mrs. Tulana Saha Sensors Design simulation of acoustic particle velocity sensor
340 IWPSD_2017_ABS_H5217 Dr. Sandeep Arya Sensors Biological and Electrical Characterization of Silver Nano-particles Mediated from Angelica glauca Root Extract
341 IWPSD_2017_ABS_H8990 Dr. siva prasad kotamraju Sensors Visualization of interface trap distribution for Pd/AlN/6H-SiC and Pd/HfO2/6H-SiC MOS capacitors at 700 K
342 IWPSD_2017_ABS_I3320 Ms. Kusum Sharma Sensors Phase Dependent Investigation Of Humidity Sensor Based On Anodic Aluminium Oxide (AAO) For Trace Moisture Measurement
343 IWPSD_2017_ABS_I6679 Mr. Mohit Padhye Sensors Design & Simulation of SOI-ISFET Macromodel using SPICE
344 IWPSD_2017_ABS_I7665 Dr. Ashish Kumar Sensors Development of Si Nanowire by Metal Assist Chemical Etching for Biochemical Sensors
345 IWPSD_2017_ABS_I7775 Ms. Mayoorika Shukla Sensors Enzymatic Glucose Biosensor Based on Hydrothermally Grown ZnO Nanorods and Nanopencils
346 IWPSD_2017_ABS_J1128 Mr. Ambika Shukla Sensors Feasibility analysis of Acoustic Bragg reflectors for unreleased opto-mechanical resonators
347 IWPSD_2017_ABS_J4422 Ms. swarnalatha veerla Sensors Silicon Etching Characteristics in Modified TMAH Solution
348 IWPSD_2017_ABS_J9155 Ms. Ritu Goel Sensors Piezoelectric cantilever beam for wideband energy harvesters
349 IWPSD_2017_ABS_K1799 Mrs. Neha Sakhuja Sensors TiO2 Thin Film Optimization for Ammonia Gas Sensing
350 IWPSD_2017_ABS_K2945 Ms. Rekha Phadke Sensors Fabrication and Characterization of Enzymatic Electrochemical Glucose Sensor for Closed Loop System
351 IWPSD_2017_ABS_K3660 Dr. Karunesh Tiwari Sensors Humidity sensor based on Zinc oxide–zinc tungstate nanocomposite
352 IWPSD_2017_ABS_K6251 Mr. SUSHIL KUMAR Sensors Sub-micron gap tuning over side wall for ultra-low voltage MEMS switching application
353 IWPSD_2017_ABS_L1259 Dr. Santosh Kumar Sensors Development of Barometric Pressure Sensor for Micro Air Vehicle Application
354 IWPSD_2017_ABS_M1324 Mrs. Aditi Aditi Sensors Fabrication of NiFe based MEMS xylophone Magnetometer
355 IWPSD_2017_ABS_M1907 Mr. KAMPARA KISHORE Sensors Preparation and Characterization of Alumina Template using Oxalic Acid
356 IWPSD_2017_ABS_M2127 Mr. Ranjan Maurya Sensors Repeatability Analysis of Microfluidic Devices using Raman Spectroscopy
357 IWPSD_2017_ABS_M2134 Mr. SURYA GHOSH Sensors Room temperature organophosphate detection by thermally oxidized metal oxide thin films
358 IWPSD_2017_ABS_M2893 Dr. Debashree Banerjee Sensors Thermoelectric performance improvement in engineered amorphous Silicon
359 IWPSD_2017_ABS_M5687 Dr. V Seena Sensors Modeling and Simulation of Transverse Capacitive Comb MEMS Accelerometer with Force Feedback
360 IWPSD_2017_ABS_M6046 Mr. Anupam Tripathy Sensors ZnO Incorporated PDMS based Pressure Sensor
361 IWPSD_2017_ABS_N2347 Mr. Pavani Vamsi Nittala Sensors Design development and fabrication of photodetector for 3D heterogeneous system
362 IWPSD_2017_ABS_N8572 Mrs. Renu Sharma Sensors Design of Continuous Membrane Surface Micromachined Silicon Deformable Mirror for Adaptive Optics
363 IWPSD_2017_ABS_O5686 Dr. V Seena Sensors Bimorph Suspended Gate FET for Uncooled CMOS-MEMS IR Sensor
364 IWPSD_2017_ABS_O6538 Mr. D V SANTHOSH KUMAR GUNAPU Sensors High Charge Storage Capacity Micro Electrode Array on a Wire for Implantable Neuromuscular Applications
365 IWPSD_2017_ABS_P3605 Mr. Nishant Mishra Sensors Reconstituted Fe-Azurin based device for resistive memory switching
366 IWPSD_2017_ABS_P4489 Ms. Anwesha Mukherjee Sensors A flexible nitrogen dioxide gas sensor based on strontium nanoparticles decorated reduced graphene oxide
367 IWPSD_2017_ABS_P9464 Ms. PRAMILA JAKHAR Sensors Electrochemically Synthesized Polypyrrole Nanofibers towards Glucose Biosensing Application
368 IWPSD_2017_ABS_Q2006 Dr. Subhashis Das Sensors Effect of Si3N4 passivation on the acetone sensing performance of Pd/AlGaN/GaN heterostructure
369 IWPSD_2017_ABS_Q2607 Mr. Amit Mauraya Sensors Preparation and Characterization of SnO 2 Thin Films by Physical Vapor Deposition-Thermal Oxidation Process for Gas Sensors
370 IWPSD_2017_ABS_Q6165 Ms. Deepa Bhatt Sensors Stacked top gate dielectrics for enhanced pH sensitivities in a-IGZO TFT based dual gate ISFETs
371 IWPSD_2017_ABS_Q8286 Dr. Sunita Mehta Sensors Flexible patch for health monitoring as well as drug delivery
372 IWPSD_2017_ABS_R1580 Mr. BISWAJIT MANDAL Sensors Synthesis of high crystalline nanobelt like a-MoO3 and their alcohol sensing performance
374 IWPSD_2017_ABS_R5258 Mr. Amit Kumar Sensors A Large Stroke Inverse Series Connected Electrothermal Bimorph Micromirror Platform for Optical Applications
375 IWPSD_2017_ABS_R6392 Mr. Manish Gupta Sensors Development of Low Cost RF Planar Spiral Coil for Portable Nuclear Magnetic Resonance(NMR)
376 IWPSD_2017_ABS_R7886 Mr. ABHAY SHRIVAS Sensors Synthesis and Characterization of HCL Doped Poly aniline (PANI) For Ammonia (NH3) Sensing Application
377 IWPSD_2017_ABS_S3646 Dr. Avshish Kumar Sensors Functionalization of single wall carbon nanotubes for chemiresistive ammonia gas sensors
378 IWPSD_2017_ABS_S3932 Ms. Niketa Sharma Sensors AlGaN/GaN HEMT based pH sensor
379 IWPSD_2017_ABS_S6159 Mr. ZOHAUDDIN AHMAD Sensors Development of composite based highly sensitive CO2 gas sensor
380 IWPSD_2017_ABS_S9171 Dr. V Seena Sensors Integration of High Gauge Factor ITO with Polymer Sensor Platforms for Biochemical and Inertial Sensing
381 IWPSD_2017_ABS_T2519 Dr. Marsha Parmar Sensors Accurate Backbone Curve for Ultrathin NEMS with Geometrical Imperfection
382 IWPSD_2017_ABS_T9878 Ms. Reshma Ajith Sensors Low Cost Foam Based Vibration Sensor for Condition Based Monitoring
383 IWPSD_2017_ABS_U2615 Dr. Ankush Jain Sensors Design and Development of Hybrid Integrated MEMS Capacitive Gyroscope-ROIC Module
384 IWPSD_2017_ABS_U9469
Sensors Influence of humidity on NO2 sensing properties of SrCo0.1Ti0.9O3
385 IWPSD_2017_ABS_W2755 Mr. George Thachil Sensors Study of Thermal Actuators for Switching Applications
386 IWPSD_2017_ABS_W4670 Mrs. shaveta rajial Sensors Design and simulation of push-pull capacitive accelerometer structure for navigation applications
387 IWPSD_2017_ABS_W5916 Mr. Deepak Bansal Sensors Effect of parasitic capacitance on ‘OFF/ON’ ratio of RF MEMS capacitive switch
388 IWPSD_2017_ABS_W7123 Ms. Nidhi Gupta Sensors Effect of Residual Stress on Cantilever type Push-Pull Capacitive Accelerometer Structure
389 IWPSD_2017_ABS_X5827 Mr. ashish kumar Sensors Deposition and Optimization of Zinc Oxide thin film using its Nano-Colloidal Solution for Various Sensing Applications
390 IWPSD_2017_ABS_X8494 Dr. DEEPAK KUMAR Sensors Sensing of Dibutyl Sulfide using carboxylic acid functionalized Single walled nanotubes
391 IWPSD_2017_ABS_X9594 Mr. VAIBHAV RANA Sensors Low-cost MoS2 nanowire fabrication method for Pressure sensor
392 IWPSD_2017_ABS_Y4886 Mr. ANURAG SWARNKAR Sensors Design and Simulation of Stiction-less High Isolation RF MEMS Capacitive Shunt Switch
393 IWPSD_2017_ABS_Y7628 Mr. Pankaj Agarwal Sensors Functionalized Graphene for NO2 Sensing: Kelvin Probe based Contact Potential Difference (CPD) Measurements
394 IWPSD_2017_ABS_Y7821 Mr. AMIT RANA Sensors Sr- and Ni-doping in ZnO nanorods synthesized by simple wet chemical method as excellent materials for CO and CO2 gas sensing
395 IWPSD_2017_ABS_B8622 Ms. Pooja Bohara VLSI Technology Independent Gate Operation of NAND Flash Memory Device with Improved Retention Characteristics
396 IWPSD_2017_ABS_D1048 Dr. Asisa Panigrahi VLSI Technology WoW Post-CMOS compatible Cu-Cu Low temperature Low pressure thermocompression bonding with Pd passivation Engineering
397 IWPSD_2017_ABS_D2222 Prof. Mridula Gupta VLSI Technology Floating Gate Junction-less Double Gate Radiation Sensitive Field Effect Transistor (RADFET) Dosimeter: A Simulation Study
398 IWPSD_2017_ABS_D4443 Ms. Alison Viegas VLSI Technology 3D Nano Capacitors using Electrodeposited Nickel Nanowires in Porous Anodic Alumina Template
399 IWPSD_2017_ABS_D8630 Mr. Mohammed Aneesh VLSI Technology Design and Optimization of Double-Gate MOSFET to Reduce the Effects of Single Event Transients
400 IWPSD_2017_ABS_D9399 Ms. Harsupreet Kaur VLSI Technology Impact of Negative Capacitance Effect and Graded Channel Design on Device Performance of Double Gate MOSFET
401 IWPSD_2017_ABS_E2231 Mr. Upendra Kashniyal VLSI Technology Stress Induced Degradation of High-k Gate Dielectric-Ta2O5 Thin Films on Silicon
402 IWPSD_2017_ABS_E2313 Ms. Ashita Kumar VLSI Technology A High Performance Vertical Tunnel Source MOSFET with improved subthreshold swing
403 IWPSD_2017_ABS_E4325 Ms. Anjanashree M R VLSI Technology Polyethyleneimine (PEI) doping of CNTFET: Effect of Solvent and Optimization of Doping Parameters
404 IWPSD_2017_ABS_H2368 Ms. Shikha Binwal VLSI Technology Electrical discharge characteristics of magnetized capacitive coupled plasma
405 IWPSD_2017_ABS_H3524 Mr. Ramakant Yadav VLSI Technology Optimization of the TFET Device Structure for Achieving Circuit Performance Better Than The Standard 45 nm CMOS Technology
406 IWPSD_2017_ABS_K2033 Mr. Sunny Sadana VLSI Technology One Time Programmable (OTP) Memory based on MIM dielectric breakdown for 180nm CMOS
407 IWPSD_2017_ABS_K5987 Dr. Hemant Dixit VLSI Technology Analyzing the impact of grain boundary scattering on the metal resistivity: first-principles study of grain boundary in Cu
408 IWPSD_2017_ABS_L5698 Dr. Arkaprava Bhattacharyya VLSI Technology Subthreshold Behaviour of Si Junctionless GAA nanowire Transistor at 3 nm Gate Length Combining DFT and TCAD Simulation
409 IWPSD_2017_ABS_L8815 Mr. MD HASAN ANSARI VLSI Technology Investigation of Junctionless Transistor based DRAM
410 IWPSD_2017_ABS_M2332 Dr. Piyush Navinchandra VLSI Technology Technology Development of CMOS Compatible High-Gain BJT to enable 180nm BiCMOS technology
411 IWPSD_2017_ABS_M6077 Mr. Adhithan Pon VLSI Technology Performance elevation of Si/SiGe Hetero Junction Asymmetric dual gate Tunnel field effect transistor
412 IWPSD_2017_ABS_M8767 Dr. Manoj Saxena VLSI Technology Study of Extended Back Gate Double Gate JunctionLess Transistor: Theoretical and Numerical Investigation
413 IWPSD_2017_ABS_M8893 Mr. Pankaj Kumbhare VLSI Technology PrMnO3-Based Scaled (
414 IWPSD_2017_ABS_N8521 Mr. P R Yasasvi Gangavarapu VLSI Technology PECVD Grown Silicon Nitride (Si3N4) as Passivation Layer and Gate Dielectric for n- type CNTFETs
415 IWPSD_2017_ABS_O2930 Ms. KHUSHBU MEHTA VLSI Technology Curling Controlled Bilayer Structure for Low Actuation Voltage RF MEMS Switch
416 IWPSD_2017_ABS_P5885 Mrs. Sangya Dutta VLSI Technology Bio-mimetic SOI MOSFET based Leaky Integrate & Fire Neuron
417 IWPSD_2017_ABS_Q7208 Mr. Mangal Das VLSI Technology Influence of Crystallinity on Memristance in n-Si/Y2O3/Al Structure
418 IWPSD_2017_ABS_R2022 Dr. Rajat Mahapatra VLSI Technology Influence of Set Compliance Current on Memory Performance of HfOx based RRAM
419 IWPSD_2017_ABS_R6565 Mr. Ameen Majeed VLSI Technology Fabrication of MEMS Capacitive Pressure Sensor (MCPS) with Segmented Bossed Diaphragm
420 IWPSD_2017_ABS_R8662 Ms. NUPUR NAVLAKHA VLSI Technology Tunnel FET Capacitorless DRAM
421 IWPSD_2017_ABS_S1788 Dr. Umapathi Beegala VLSI Technology MIM Capacitor Integration into 180nm CMOS Process
422 IWPSD_2017_ABS_S8881 Mr. Sandip Lashkare VLSI Technology Delaying the Self-Heating Timescale of PCMO based RRAM to Improve Conductance Linearity for Neuromorphic Applications
423 IWPSD_2017_ABS_U2330 Mr. Sanjay Vidhyadharan VLSI Technology Benchmarking the Performance of Optimized TFET Circuit with the Standard 45 nm CMOS Technology Using Device and Circuits
424 IWPSD_2017_ABS_U6008 Mr. NIRUPAM PAUL VLSI Technology Fabrication of Si Membrane using Frontend Bulk Micromachining
425 IWPSD_2017_ABS_V1128 Mrs. Navneet Kaur Saini VLSI Technology A New In0.53Ga0.47As LDMOS with Tunneling Junction for improved ON state performance
426 IWPSD_2017_ABS_V4990 Mr. Bhaskar Das VLSI Technology Effect of Delta-p Doping and i-region Length Scaling on Ion/Ioff in Si NIPIN Diode for Selector Application
427 IWPSD_2017_ABS_V6992 Ms. Emona Datta VLSI Technology Effects of gate dielectric material on the analog perfor-mance of a Ge-source tunnel FET
428 IWPSD_2017_ABS_X1586 Dr. Manoj Saxena VLSI Technology Analytical Model for Tapered Gate Electrode Double Gate MOSFET Incorporating Fringing Field Effects
429 IWPSD_2017_ABS_X2264 Mr. Vaibhav Pahwa VLSI Technology Shallow Trench Isolation Gapfill Improvement of High Aspect Ratio Devices with Process Optimization and HARP
430 IWPSD_2017_ABS_X2745 Mr. santosh wagaj VLSI Technology Comparative study of Nanoscale Shielded Chanel Dual Gate Stack Silicon on nothing Junctionless Transistor and Shielded Channe
431 IWPSD_2017_ABS_Q9944 Prof. Mridula Gupta VLSI Technology Simulation Study on Stability aspect of Dual Metal Dual Dielectric based TFET Architectures against Temperature Variations
432 IWPSD_2017_ABS_L2676 Mr. prashant tyagi III-Nitrides:Materials & Devices Growth and Characterization of Vertically-Aligned GaN Nanorods on Flexible Tantalum Foil by Laser Molecular Beam Epitaxy
433 IWPSD_2017_ABS_L3345 Mr. HARPREET SONDHI Compound Semiconductors Study of ZnO based Hybrid Nano-structures for Environmental Applications
434 IWPSD_2017_ABS_Q2876 Prof. Kanchan Saxena Photovoltaics Development of High-Quality Organo-Metal Halide Perovskite Film: Optimization of Thickness Surface Morphology & Characteriza
435 IWPSD_2017_ABS_B7399 Mr. Premkumar T Compound Semiconductors Electronic Structure Optical and Thermo-electric properties of ATe and A2Te (A: Cu Ag and Cd)
436 IWPSD_2017_ABS_C2309 Mr. Irfan Khorakiwala Photovoltaics Optimization of n-type aSi:H and ITO for application in HIT solar cell
437 IWPSD_2017_ABS_U9462 Mr. TAMAL DEY Graphene 2D Materials and Organic Semiconductors Tunable Optical Properties of Graphene Quantum Dots
438 IWPSD_2017_ABS_Q2006 Dr. Subhashis Das Sensors Effect of Si3N4 passivation on the acetone sensing performance of Pd/AlGaN/GaN heterostructure
439 IWPSD_2017_ABS_F4928 Ms. GARIMA SHUKLA Graphene 2D Materials and Organic Semiconductors Effect of Back Gate Voltage on Double Gate Single Layer Graphene Field-Effect Transistor with Improved ION .
440 IWPSD_2017_ABS_I7782 Mr. Aklesh Meena Sensors Study of Dual axis vertical comb driver MEMS tip-tilt Mirror
441 IWPSD_2017_ABS_K1562 Ms. Abinaya Muruganandham Sensors Nanostructured SnO2 Films: Room temperature NH3 sensing
442 IWPSD_2017_ABS_Y3140 Dr. Kadir Abdul Crystal Growth Epitaxy and Characterization Temperature dependence of the strain in epitaxial multilayers calculated from in-situ curvature measurements
443 IWPSD_2017_ABS_M6424 Dr. Sundara Venkatesh P Crystal Growth Epitaxy and Characterization Optical properties of self-assembled ZnO nanorods fabricated by RF magnetron sputtering
444 IWPSD_2017_ABS_B8285 Mr. KAMAL LOHANI Optoelectronics Effect of number of quantum wells on output parameters of InGaN/GaN laser diode
445 IWPSD_2017_ABS_E6944 Mr. R P Singh Sensors Design and Optimization of MEMS-based four beam Vector Hydrophone for Direction of Arrival
446 IWPSD_2017_ABS_I6953 Dr. SONALEE KAPOOR III-Nitrides:Materials & Devices Effect of Argon plasma treatment on ohmic contact formation in AlGaN/GaN HEMTs
447 IWPSD_2017_ABS_J1349 Mrs. JAYA LOHANI III-Nitrides:Materials & Devices Vertically Aligned Nanowires of AlGaN/GaN Heterostructure by Maskless Reactive Ion Etching
448 IWPSD_2017_ABS_K9886 Ms. yashoda parmar Sensors Temperature compensation of MEMS capacitive accelerometer for navigational application
449 IWPSD_2017_ABS_G6761 Prof. Rakesh Vaid Graphene 2D Materials and Organic Semiconductors Effects of chemical functionalization on single-walled carbon nanotubes by mild hydrogen peroxide for PV applications
Mr. Ravi Sundaram 2D Materials, Organic Semiconductors and Display Technologies Quality control in fabrication of 2D MoS2 and Graphene-MoS2 heterostructures using the defect activated LA(M) peak
Ms. Indu Kumari Optoelectronics Polarization Controlled High Efficiency Color Filters Using Si Nanoantennas
Dr. Rupesh K Chaubey III-Nitride: Materials and Devices Surface Study of AlGaN/GaN High Electron Mobility Transistor for fabrication process improvement
Mr. Akhilesh Pandey III-Nitride: Materials and Devices Oxygen Ions Implantation Induced Effects in GaN epilayer
Mr. P. Muzammil III-Nitride: Materials and Devices Effect of Precursors condition on the Structural morphology of synthesized GaN
Mr. A. B. Dhaulakhandi VLSI Technology CD sensitivity to process parameters in photomask fabrication using a LASER pattern generator
Dr. Renuka Saxena Sensors Development of Silicon Based Microchannel for Gas Chromatograph Column
Dr. Renuka Saxena Optoelectronics Study and Preparation Of High Reflection Optical Coatings
Ms. Reet Chaudhuri Compound Semiconductors Molecular Beam Epitaxy of High Mobility AlN/GaN/AlNQuantum Well FET Structures on 6H-SiC
Mr. Bhuvnesh Kushwah III-Nitride: Materials and Devices High Pressure Oxidized Aluminium as Gate Dielectric for GaN-based MIS-HEMTs
Mr. Amit Kumar Photovoltaics Effect of water on cooling efficiency of activated carbon based thermal cooling layer beneath the solar cell to boost their working efficiency.
Mr. Bidyut Barman Photovoltaics Efficiency enhancement of polycrystalline silicon solar cell due to integration of Ag nanoparticles fabricated by rapid thermal annealing.
Mr. Amit Kumar Sensors Textured silicon surface and silicon nanowires on silicon chip for ammonia sensing application
Mr. Amit Kumar Sensors A Comparative Study of Metal Oxide Modified, Silicon Wafer and Silicon Nanowires on Silicon Chip as Gas/Vapor Sensing Element
Ms. Sangeeta Tiwari
Adsorption dynamics of Fe(III) removal using titania functionalized high silica zeolitic particles