Poster Session-I

Date: 12-Dec-2017, Time: 1800-2000

Note: The size of the poster must be 4'x5' as displayed

Poster No. TrackID Name Topic Abstract Title
1 IWPSD_2017_ABS_J9884 Ms. Deepa Bhatt OE A discussion on the contribution of generation-recombination and trap-assisted-tunnelling currents to the dark current in narrow band gap material diodes
2 IWPSD_2017_ABS_J7594 Ms. Amrita Dey OE Influence of Organic Matrix Media on the Structural and Optical Properties of Hybrid Lead Halide Perovskite
3 IWPSD_2017_ABS_E4735 Ms. Madhavi Nandimath OE Study of Opto-electronic Properties of PMMA/TiO2/Rh6G Fluorescent Polymer Nanocomposites
4 IWPSD_2017_ABS_I2425 Dr. Dip Prakash Samajdar OE Investigation of Electronic and Optical properties of GaSbBi/GaAs Type-II Quantum Wells Using 14-Band k•p Hamiltonian
5 IWPSD_2017_ABS_X3227 Mr. Amit Bhunia OE Experimental Evidences of Bias Driven Photogenerated Indirect Excitons in p-i-n diode using Photocapacitance at room temperat
6 IWPSD_2017_ABS_F3888 Mr. Sreevatsa Kurudi OE Scaling of Silicon PIN Waveguide Photodetector at 1550 nm Wavelength
7 IWPSD_2017_ABS_B8126 Mr. Salahuddin Khan OE Direct measurement of carrier dynamics of near-surface quantum well using two color pump-probe reflectivity
8 IWPSD_2017_ABS_F5290 Mr. Madhusudan Mishra OE Modelling silicon photonic waveguide actuators exploiting ferroelectric domain switching in BaTiO3
9 IWPSD_2017_ABS_W4211 Ms. Anamika Singh Pratiyush OE MBE-grown ß-Ga2O3 MSM solar-blind photodetector: Carrier transport and effect of Al2O3 passivation
10 IWPSD_2017_ABS_L1639 Mr. Swarnadip Mukherjee OE Type-II superlattice infrared photodetector (T2SL IRPD) miniband modeling: An atomistic NEGF study
11 IWPSD_2017_ABS_P2032 Mr. Sunil Kumar OE Estimation of the occupied density of states using capacitance -voltage measurement in the NPB system
12 IWPSD_2017_ABS_R2992 Mr. Subhash Singh OE Degradation and bias-stress effect in TIPS-pentacene based organic thin film transistors with polymer dielectric
13 IWPSD_2017_ABS_T8987 Dr. Pramod Kumar OE Three dimensional thermal modelling of laser diode stack
14 IWPSD_2017_ABS_Y3866 Mr. Sourabh Pal OE Enhanced Photodetection in Plasmonic Au-ZnO Nanocomposites Photonic Devices
15 IWPSD_2017_ABS_E9159 Mr. Amit Pushkarrai Shah OE ICP-RIE etching of ß-Ga2O3 in Chlorine-based plasma chemistry
16 IWPSD_2017_ABS_L2072 Mr. Ashish Prajapati OE Investigation on the temperature dependent high luminous efficiency for blue organic light emitting diodes
17 IWPSD_2017_ABS_E3635 Mr. Deepak Kumar Mohanty OE Stable optical quality SiO2/TiO2 stack development for the facet coating of laser diodes
18 IWPSD_2017_ABS_L6482 Mr. Ashok P OE Numerical Analysis of Absorptive Bistability in Quantum Cascade Lasers
19 IWPSD_2017_ABS_O8640 Dr. Raghvendra Sahai Saxena OE 2D Numerical Simulations based Design of Experiments for Optimization of InGaAs p-i-n Photodiode
20 IWPSD_2017_ABS_O4233 Mr. Sona Das OE Row-column addressable InAs/GaSb Type-II superlattice mid wave infrared photodiode array
21 IWPSD_2017_ABS_T5012 Ms. Geetanjali Vashisht OE InAsP/InP multiple quantum well based IR detectors with enhanced spectral photoresponse
22 IWPSD_2017_ABS_B8285 Mr. Kamal Lohani OE Effect of number of quantum wells on output parameters of InGaN/GaN laser diode
23 IWPSD_2017_ABS_S1278 Mr. Anand Singh OE InGaAs based short-wave infrared p-i-n photodetector
24 IWPSD_2017_ABS_F5507 Dr. Shivani Dhall OE Photo-response of carbon nanotubes and Si junctions
25 IWPSD_2017_ABS_N4712 Mr. Awanish Pandey OE Si-photonics assisted Optical Single Side Band Generation, Transmission and Reception
26 IWPSD_2017_ABS_J6666 Mr. Ashraf Ali OE Investigations on the effects of 150 MeV Ag ion irradiations on 4H– SiC
27 IWPSD_2017_ABS_P5027 Dr. Manoj Saxena OE Optically Controlled Silicon On Nothing MOSFET-Numerical Simulation
28 IWPSD_2017_ABS_L1103 Dr. Vikas Sharma OE Effect of Carbon Ion Implantation on a Bi-Layer Transparent Electrode
29 IWPSD_2017_ABS_H1960 Mr. Kuldip Singh OE InGaN/GaN MQWs Blue Light Emitting Diodes with Transparent Ni/ITO and Pt/ITO p-Type Contacts
30 IWPSD_2017_ABS_M4120 Mr. Kavi Rasu K OE Photoluminescence Properties of Eu3+ doped LiGd(WO4)2 Red Phosphors for Optoelectronic Applications
31 IWPSD_2017_ABS_X8359 Mr. Rashmi Ranjan Kumar OE Performance optimization and analysis of ZnO based green light emitting diode
32 IWPSD_2017_ABS_T4462 Mr. Ashok Chauhan OE Highly Reflective Low Resistance Pt/Ag/Ni/Au Based Ohmic Contacts on p-GaN
33 IWPSD_2017_ABS_W7953 Mr. Jitesh Agrawal OE Optical and Structural analysis of surfactant assisted hydrothermal growth ZnO Nanostructures
34 IWPSD_2017_ABS_P1687 Ms. Sugandha Sharma OE Effect of oxygen pressure on growth of Cd0.05Zn0.95O thin films using pulsed laser deposition
35 IWPSD_2017_ABS_J2332 Dr. Sanjeev Tyagi OE Simulation Studies on Reflectivity Spectrum of VCSEL Operating at 0.85 µm
36 IWPSD_2017_ABS_F6328 Mrs. Nilima Singh OE Estimation of Current Conduction Mechanisms using Gated MWIR HgCdTe Photodiode
37 IWPSD_2017_ABS_A9435 Mrs. Deepti Jain OE Estimation of Scattering Loss Due to Sidewall Roughness in High Power Laser Diodes
38 IWPSD_2017_ABS_M7572 Ms. Madhu Bochalya OE Fabrication and Characterization of Lead-Free Inorganic Organic Hybrid Perovskite Materials
39 IWPSD_2017_ABS_V2257 Dr. N. Nanda Kumar Reddy OE Role of substrate bias voltage on electrical and structural properties of Al/(Ta2O5)0.85(TiO2)0.15/p-Si MIS Schottky diodes
40 IWPSD_2017_ABS_B8335 Prof. Sushil Kumar OE Opto-structural properties of SnO2 nanoparticles prepared by sol-gel route
41 IWPSD_2017_ABS_W7690 Mr. P.V. Raghavendra OE Electrical Characteristics of Spray Deposited n-ZnO:Sr/p-Si Heterojunction
42 IWPSD_2017_ABS_E6360 Mr. Ritesh Bhardwaj OE MgZnO based UV heterojunction photodetector fabricated using dual ion beam sputtering
43 IWPSD_2017_ABS_A2436 Mr. Subhrajit Sikdar OE Designing InP-nanowire based vertical metal-oxide-semiconductor capacitors for wavelength selective visible light sensing
44 IWPSD_2017_ABS_I5219 Ms. Bindu Raina OE Wet Chemical Route Synthesis, Spectroscopic, Opto-electrical Characterization of Lanthanum Phosphate Nanoparticles
45 IWPSD_2017_ABS_H1792 Ms. Nahid Chaudhary OE Multi wavelength Optical Sensing of 2D Molybdenum Disulphide nanosheets synthesized by facile Hydrothermal process
46 IWPSD_2017_ABS_D9888 Dr. Usha Shukla OE Influence of Temperature on the Electroluminescence of CdS:Cu Nanophosphors
47 IWPSD_2017_ABS_D4269 Ms. Shalu Chaudhary OE Substrate Dependent Growth of DH6T Small Molecules in Vapor deposited Thin Films
48 IWPSD_2017_ABS_U1439 Ms. Dipti Sejwal OE Fabrication of optical microcavities to study polaritonic physics and it’s implementation in novel devices.
49 IWPSD_2017_ABS_P8471 Mr. Abid OE Development of reduced graphene oxide based broadband optical detector with high Responsivity
50 IWPSD_2017_ABS_X9913 Ms. Indu Kumari OE Polarization Controlled High Efficiency Color Filters Using Si Nanoantennas
51 IWPSD_2017_ABS_J5359 Mr. Radheshyam  Nokhwal  OE Chemo-mechanical polishing of HgCdTe Epilayers grown using LPE technique 
52 IWPSD_2017_ABS_W4730 Mr. Radheshyam  Nokhwal  OE Studies on Iodine based PolishingofHgCdTe material 
53 IWPSD_2017_ABS_K1107 Ms. Nitika  Gupta  OE Optimization and Performance Study of Silicon Polarization Converter 
54 IWPSD_2017_ABS_R5845 Mr. Vivek Garg CG Carrier Transport Properties of Ultra-Low Doped HgCdTe for Advanced IR Detectors
55 IWPSD_2017_ABS_N2929 Mr. Mahesh Gokhale CG Control of WZ & ZB crystal phases in MOVPE grown GaP nanowires
56 IWPSD_2017_ABS_C8314 Mr. Mithun kumar Bhowal CG Study of thermally annealed GaSbBi quantum dots grown on GaAs by liguid phase epitaxy
57 IWPSD_2017_ABS_P7385 Mr. Monoj Kumar Singha CG Band Gap Tailoring and Raman Studies of Mn doped ZnO Thin Film Deposited by Ultrasonic Spray Pyrolysis
58 IWPSD_2017_ABS_K7953 Mr. Prashant Singh CG Structural and Electrical characteristics of TiO2 Film deposited by Plasma Enhanced Atomic Layer Deposition and RF Sputtering
59 IWPSD_2017_ABS_O6455 Mr. Sovinder Singh Rana CG Structural and Electrical Characterization of MCT on CdTe/GaAs(211)
60 IWPSD_2017_ABS_H5101 Dr. Soumika Munshi CG Study of Lapping Parameters for CdZnTe Substrate Thinning in HgCdTe based IRFPPAs
61 IWPSD_2017_ABS_H4076 Mr. Prashant Singh CG Structural and Electrical characteristics of HfO2 Film deposited by RF Sputtering and Plasma Enhanced Atomic Layer Deposition
62 IWPSD_2017_ABS_C4693 Mr. Akant Sagar Sharma CG InPBiN epitaxial layers grown by liquid phase epitaxy
63 IWPSD_2017_ABS_R5986 Mr. Tahir Murtaza CG Effect of Nd doping at A site on Structural and Electrical properties of multiferroic BiFeO3
64 IWPSD_2017_ABS_O3051 Dr. Kumaragurubaran Somu CG B-doped homoepitaxial diamond thinfilms and defect characterization
65 IWPSD_2017_ABS_N8691 Dr. Himani Khanduri CG Study of Structural and Magnetic Properties of MnAl Thin Films on Si and GaAs Substrates Irradiated by H+
66 IWPSD_2017_ABS_G7638 Mr. Prashant Singh CG Preparation and Characterization of Al2O3 Film Deposited by RF Sputtering and Plasma Enhanced Atomic Layer Deposition
67 IWPSD_2017_ABS_L9048 Mr. Satish Kumar CG Nanostructure formation by Ar+ Ion Irradiation on GaSb Surface
68 IWPSD_2017_ABS_U3985 Ms. Sheetal Issar CG TiO2 nanostructures in various shape and size
69 IWPSD_2017_ABS_U8663 Mr. Vishwas Saini CG Low cost alloy deposition for High Power Applications
70 IWPSD_2017_ABS_G4263 Mr. Rakesh Pandey CG Sulfur ion implantation in GaSb epilayers grown on GaAs (001) substrate
71 IWPSD_2017_ABS_X2575 Mr. Suresh Kumar Jangir CG Synthesis of self-assembled type II GaSb/GaAs quantum dots and morphological study by Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM)
72 IWPSD_2017_ABS_K2792 Mr. Emroj Hossain CG Optical floating zone growth of single crystal ß-Ga2O3: effect of gas ambient
73 IWPSD_2017_ABS_J3298 Dr. Arvind Kumar CG Effect of top gate electrode on the electrical properties of ZrO2 thin film based MIS capacitor
74 IWPSD_2017_ABS_X9862 Mr. Mohammad Talib CG Synthesis and characterization of TiS3 ribbons via CVT technique
75 IWPSD_2017_ABS_U7876 Ms. Soni Kumari CG Raman spectroscopy and HRXRD studies of Molecular beam epitaxy grown ternary GaAs1-xSbx
76 IWPSD_2017_ABS_Q1379 Ms. Megha Singh CG Nitrogen plasma annealing of VxOy thin film for enhanced surface area application
77 IWPSD_2017_ABS_K4296 Mr. Harjinder Singh CG Effect of samarium coordination on the structural, thermal and optical properties of salicylic acid single crystal
78 IWPSD_2017_ABS_X2065 Mr. Satya Bokka CG Study of cutting-edge AFM modalities, SEM and Profiler techniques in determining surface parameters & defects of Si wafer.
79 IWPSD_2017_ABS_M6424 Dr. Sundara Venkatesh P CG Optical properties of self-assembled ZnO nanorods fabricated by RF magnetron sputtering
80 IWPSD_2017_ABS_L8189 Ms. Goldy Slathia CG Crystal Growth, Structural and Optical Characterization of Lanthanum Chloride Urea – Thiourea Semi – Organic Complex
81 IWPSD_2017_ABS_F1875 Dr. Rabindar Kumar Sharma CG Growth of MoO3-V2O5 Nanoflowers on Nickel Coated[100] Silicon Substrate
82 IWPSD_2017_ABS_D6548 Mr. Babu Chinnathambi CG Structural, spectroscopic, optical and thermal study of bisthiourea doped ammonium dihydrogen phosphate single crystals.
83 IWPSD_2017_ABS_S5229 Mr. Sandeep Mahajan CG Silicon Carbide Single Crystal Bulk Growth 
84 IWPSD_2017_ABS_J9278 Mr. Akhilesh  Pandey  CG Microscopic investigation by Phase Contrast Imaging and Surface Spreading Resistance Mapping 
85 IWPSD_2017_ABS_G3674 Mr. Arun Tanwar CS Growth and Characterization of Indium doped Cd0.9Zn0.1Te crystals
86 IWPSD_2017_ABS_N7600 Dr. Ambesh Dixit CS Band gap engineering of CdTe Quantum Dots by Doping Hg in Infrared Region
87 IWPSD_2017_ABS_F9534 Mr. Nasir Ali CS Origin of Room Temperature Ferromagnetism in ZnO:Ag
88 IWPSD_2017_ABS_X2957 Mr. Simranjit Singh CS Synthesis of Ag/TiO2 nanocomposite for waste water treatment
89 IWPSD_2017_ABS_T7438 Dr. Aadesh Pratap Singh CS Improved photocatalytic activity of TiO2-MoS2 nanocomposite prepared by two-step hydrothermal method
90 IWPSD_2017_ABS_X8074 Mr. Vivek Saraswat CS Signs of Unconventional Physics in Long Channel Vertical InAs Nanowire MOSFETs
91 IWPSD_2017_ABS_V3820 Mr. Danish Ali CS Investigation of Wet Chemical Etching of ß-Ga2O3 for Energy Applications
92 IWPSD_2017_ABS_B6372 Ms. Juhi Srivastava CS Electronic structure of amorphous Zinc-Oxynitride semiconductors
94 IWPSD_2017_ABS_R3398 Dr. Dipika Sharma CS Understanding the optical and electrical properties of PbTiO3 thin films for Photoelectrochemical splitting of water
95 IWPSD_2017_ABS_G3812 Dr. Deepak Bansal CS Modeling Electrothermal Heating Effects in HBTs
96 IWPSD_2017_ABS_T5129 Mr. Amitesh Kumar CS Al/ZnO/Al based memristor fabricated by Dual Ion Beam Sputtering with excellent endurance and retention
97 IWPSD_2017_ABS_S5077 Mr. Rajib Saha CS Improvement of threshold-type resistive switching on CBD grown ZnO nanowires/p-Si heterojunctions with Ga-doping
98 IWPSD_2017_ABS_W2059 Dr. Rachna Manchanda OE HgCdTe epitaxial layer surface treatment using Ammonium sulfide before Passivation
99 IWPSD_2017_ABS_Y8625 Mr. Nare Balaram CS Electrical properties of Au/n-InP Schottky diode modified using a high-k zirconium oxide (ZrO2) interlayer
100 IWPSD_2017_ABS_T5236 Ms. Akanksha Singh CS Charge transfer in metal-semiconductor quantum dot (Gold-Indium Phosphide) hybrid nanocomposites
102 IWPSD_2017_ABS_W5886 Dr. Rashmi Gupta CS Electrical and Optical Properties of Lead Niobate – Lead Zirconate – Lead Titanate (PNZT) Ternary System
103 IWPSD_2017_ABS_X2568 Ms. Janani R CS Photocatalytic activity of hierarchically porous ZnxIn2-xS4 microspheres synthesized via hydrothermal route
104 IWPSD_2017_ABS_O7835 Ms. Nisha Kodan CS Photoelectrochemical Study of TiO2/CdS Heterostructure Thin Films Prepared via rf Sputtering
105 IWPSD_2017_ABS_J9436 Dr. Manoj Saxena CS Analytical Modeling and Simulation study of Homo and Hetero III-V Semiconductor based Tunnel Field Effect Transistor
106 IWPSD_2017_ABS_L9108 Mr. Ravi Pathak CS Low temperature Si-Si and Si-Sapphire direct wafer bonding using spin on glass as insulator
107 IWPSD_2017_ABS_E8905 Mr. Arun Banotra CS Impact of annealing temperature change on thermally evaporated nano-crystalline SnxSy thin films as Solar Cell absorber
108 IWPSD_2017_ABS_Y3154 Mr. Akash Sharma CS Enhancement of Solar-to-Hydrogen conversion efficiency achieved for Silicon doped ZnO nanorods
109 IWPSD_2017_ABS_L3192 Dr. T.V.S.L. Satyavani CS Effect of composite electrode slurry preparation method on electrochemical characteristics of LiFePO 4 /C for Li-ion cell
110 IWPSD_2017_ABS_W2488 Ms. Anjali Devi CS Effect of Substrate temperature on the characteristics of mixed phase SnTe0.32Se0.68 thin films
111 IWPSD_2017_ABS_K3878 Mr. Supratim Maity CS Enhanced cold cathode electron emission from ZnO nanostructure attached amorphous carbon nanotubes
112 IWPSD_2017_ABS_W7994 Mr. Md Arif Khan CS Enhanced Sheet Carrier Density in ZnO Based Heterostructure by Alloying Cadmium in Buffer Layer ZnO
113 IWPSD_2017_ABS_C2750 Dr. Pravash Ranjan Tripathy CS Noise Estimation of Heterostructure GaAs/GaP over Homostructure GaAs and GaP Based IMPATT Devices at 94.0 GHz Frequency
114 IWPSD_2017_ABS_W6857 Dr. Pravash Ranjan Tripathy CS Analysis of Wide Band Gap IMPATT Devices at 1.0 THz Frequency
115 IWPSD_2017_ABS_P9776 Mr. Dip Das CS Energy gap modulation in amorphous titanium dioxide films by pulsed electron deposition
116 IWPSD_2017_ABS_U7095 Mr. Vijay Maurya CS Ab-initio calculation of thermoelectric properties of ZnSb
117 IWPSD_2017_ABS_L3345 Mr. Harpreet Sondhi CS Study of ZnO based Hybrid Nano-structures for Environmental Applications
118 IWPSD_2017_ABS_O7488 Ms. Swati Sharma CS Study and characterization of Ni doping on Zinc Sulfide Nanoparticles
119 IWPSD_2017_ABS_B7399 Mr. Premkumar T CS Electronic Structure, Optical and Thermo-electric properties of ATe and A2Te (A: Cu, Ag and Cd)
120 IWPSD_2017_ABS_B3590 Prof. Naresh Padha CS Effect of Annealing on Physical Characteristics of the Vacuum Evaporated mixed phase SnxSy Thin Films
121 IWPSD_2017_ABS_J8525 Ms. Suchismita Acharya CS Controlled Synthesis of ZnO Material: Nanorods to Thin Films
122 IWPSD_2017_ABS_X7229 Mr. Rohit Singh CS Variation of 2DEG Density in DIBS-Grown MgZnO/ZnO and ZnO/MgZnO/ZnO Heterostructures
123 IWPSD_2017_ABS_K1640 Ms. Mohua Chakraborty CS Study on Structural, optical and photoelectrochemical properties of hydrothermally grown ZnO nanorods arrays covered with ZnO
124 IWPSD_2017_ABS_L4139 Mr. Rajesh T CS Growth of Beta Phase Gallium Oxide Nanostructures on Sapphire Substrate by Chemical Vapour Deposition
125 IWPSD_2017_ABS_A5083 Prof. Ajit Kumar Panda CS Study of Nonlinear Electron Mobility near Resonance of Subband States in GaAs/InGaAs Pseudomorphic Double Quantum Well MODFET
126 IWPSD_2017_ABS_N2708 Dr. Ambesh Dixit CS Light Emitting Diode Characteristics of Solution Processed n-ZnO/p-Si Heterostructures
127 IWPSD_2017_ABS_M9539 Mr. Subhasis Das CS Theoretical Study of Properties of GaSbBiN Alloys Using Band Anticrossing Model
128 IWPSD_2017_ABS_Y9674 Ms. Khyati Gautam CS Surface Plasmon Resonance Enhanced UV Emission of Hydrothermally Grown ZnO Nanorods by Reduced Graphene Oxide
129 IWPSD_2017_ABS_K8670 Dr. Ashish Keshari CS Surface Stabilised Quantum Confined ZnO Nanosystems
130 IWPSD_2017_ABS_T6194 Mrs. Anita Singh CS Modulating optical and electrical properties of Zinc Oxide with Aluminium doping
131 IWPSD_2017_ABS_V6993 Mr. Ram Awasthi CS Temperature dependent structural and magnetic behaviour of multiferroic thin films.
132 IWPSD_2017_ABS_P5774 Mr. Shailendra  Gaur  CS Modeling & Simulation of Thermal Evaporated CdTe Thin Film 
133 IWPSD_2017_ABS_A9543 Mr. Prasanta Kumbhakar QC Modeling of Coplanar Waveguide Resonator and its coupling with equivalent RF circuit of a Quantum Point Contact
134 IWPSD_2017_ABS_P4581 Dr. Sarmistha Maity QC Single hole tunneling through multiple dopants in a p-type junction less transistor
135 IWPSD_2017_ABS_S1831 Prof. Bhaskaran Muralidharan QC Role of nuclear spin dynamics on singlet-triplet qubits
136 IWPSD_2017_ABS_T3532 Mr. Wasi Uddin QC Single electron tunneling and noise study in germanium quantum dot device fabricated via bottom up approach
137 IWPSD_2017_ABS_B5813 Dr. Partha Pratim Das QC Towards the realization of an all-electric semiconductor Datta-Das Spin Field Effect Transistor
138 IWPSD_2017_ABS_T9878 Ms. Reshma Ajith SN Low Cost Foam Based Vibration Sensor for Condition Based Monitoring
139 IWPSD_2017_ABS_X2745 Mr. Santosh Chandrakant Wagaj VT Comparative study of Nanoscale Shielded Chanel Dual Gate Stack Silicon on nothing Junctionless Transistor and Shielded Channe

Poster Session-II

Date: 14-Dec-2017, Time: 1800-2000

Note: The size of the poster must be 4'x5' as displayed

Poster No. TrackID Name Topic Abstract Title
2 IWPSD_2017_ABS_P2324 Mr. Sumit Patil 2D 2D Carbon/Semiconductor: Materials, Devices, and Interconnects
3 IWPSD_2017_ABS_X4541 Ms. Karishma Jain 2D Effect of processing conditions on Piezoelectric response of PVDF-TrFE copolymer films for flexible pressure sensors
4 IWPSD_2017_ABS_S7047 Mr. Chandra Kant 2D ZnO nano-particle based electron injection layer for polymer light emitting diodes
5 IWPSD_2017_ABS_H5244 Mrs. Anu Babusenan 2D Investigation of mechanism of photoluminescence quenching due to PCBM in PCBM: P3HT blends
6 IWPSD_2017_ABS_F7368 Ms. Kusum Rawat CS Synthesis and characterization of Cu2ZnSnS4 thin films by sol gel method
7 IWPSD_2017_ABS_U6694 Mr. Anuj Rajpoot 2D Organic phototransistors employing a novel approach of photolithographic patterning on PMMA dielectric
8 Ms. Abhilasha Chouksey SN Cross sensitivity of NH3 and H2O vapor for NO2 detection on Single Walled Carbon Nanotube Based Gas Sensor
9 IWPSD_2017_ABS_L8867 Prof. Sandip Ghosh 2D Temporal decay of luminescence in monolayer MoS2
10 IWPSD_2017_ABS_Y8926 Dr. Soumya Dutta 2D Microelectronic technology on Reduced Graphene Oxide film for scalable electronic devices
11 IWPSD_2017_ABS_O7388 Dr. Raj Mohan S 2D Photo conductivity studies on MDMO PPV thin films
12 IWPSD_2017_ABS_M9328 Mr. Pawan Kumar Kanaujia 2D Fabrication of highly luminescent Inorganic-organic 2D perovskite based materials for optoelectronic device applications
13 IWPSD_2017_ABS_L9709 Mrs. Omita Nanda 2D Development of Natural Gel Based Electrolyte for Self- Powered Electrochromic Display Device
14 IWPSD_2017_ABS_U9462 Mr. Tamal Dey 2D Tunable Optical Properties of Graphene Quantum Dots
15 IWPSD_2017_ABS_G6761 Prof. Rakesh Vaid 2D Effects of chemical functionalization on single-walled carbon nanotubes by mild hydrogen peroxide for PV applications
16 IWPSD_2017_ABS_B3037 Dr. Arkaprava Bhattacharyya 2D ZigZag Phosphorene Nanoribbons Antidot – Electronic structure and Device Application
17 IWPSD_2017_ABS_L1759 Dr. Ambesh Dixit 2D Transition metal doped ZnS monolayer: The first principles insights
18 IWPSD_2017_ABS_X6449 Ms. Nishta Arora 2D MoS2 resonators for enhanced sensing through Parametric Amplification
19 IWPSD_2017_ABS_K9880 Mr. Swapnil More 2D Fabrication of 2D NEMS on flexible substrates for strain engineering in sensing applications
20 IWPSD_2017_ABS_A4870 Mr. Jagadish Naik 2D Preparation of Graphite Incorporated Polymer Electrodes for Sodium Batteries
21 IWPSD_2017_ABS_M5958 Mr. Prashanth Kumar M 2D Limitations of Mott-Schottky Analysis for Organic Metal-Insulator-Semiconductor Capacitors
22 IWPSD_2017_ABS_H3674 Prof. Sandip Ghosh 2D Optical spectroscopy study of bulk WS2 : a search for H-point transitions
23 IWPSD_2017_ABS_Q5849 Dr. Raj Mohan S 2D Extracting Energetic Disorder in inhomogeneous organic thin films using Meyer-Neldel Rule
24 IWPSD_2017_ABS_Y9707 Dr. Niladri Sarkar 2D Transport properties and sub-band modulation of the SWCNT Based Nano-Scale Transistors
25 IWPSD_2017_ABS_O2860 Mrs. Mahima Sharma 2D GO nanosheets for solar assisted dye degradation in aqueous solution
26 IWPSD_2017_ABS_V6346 Ms. Archana Sharma 2D CO catalytic oxidation on anti-site defected MoS2 sheet: A first principles study
27 IWPSD_2017_ABS_Q2146 Mr. Prabhat Kumar 2D A comparative study of sulfurization: MoO3 into MoS2 and WO3 into WS2
28 IWPSD_2017_ABS_Y7691 Dr. Manika Khanuja 2D Photocatalytic hybrid materials based on Conducting Polymers
29 IWPSD_2017_ABS_A8638 Ms. Nisha Prakash 2D Enhanced Photodetection in Visible Region in rGo/GaN Based Hybrid Photodetector
30 IWPSD_2017_ABS_L7534 Mr. Aneesh Dash 2D Tuning Resonant Wavelength of Silicon Micro-ring Resonator with Graphene
31 IWPSD_2017_ABS_T8060 Mr. Purna Chandra Patra 2D Synthesis and Optical Characterization of Graphitic Carbon Nitride: Bandgap reconciliation
32 IWPSD_2017_ABS_Q6688 Ms. Manjri Singh 2D Broadband Photodetector with Lateral n+rGO/p+Si Heterojunction
33 IWPSD_2017_ABS_V1910 Dr. Vijayarangamuthu Kalimuthu 2D Synthesis and characterization of black phosphorus/TiO2 composite via high energy ball milling method
34 IWPSD_2017_ABS_E2364 Ms. Shrabani Guhathakurata 2D Impact of post-annealing on the properties of Al/Polymethylmethacrylate/p-Si based MIS device
35 IWPSD_2017_ABS_Q8315 Dr. Subimal Majee 2D Study on Graphene based Next Generation Flexible Photodetector for Optical Communication
36 IWPSD_2017_ABS_N6965 Ms. Monika Moun 2D Fabrication of MoS2/GaN Heterojunction Diode and its KPFM investigation
37 IWPSD_2017_ABS_R2929 Mr. Chandra Shakher Pathak 2D Current transport properties of monolayer graphene/n-Si Schottky diodes at macro and nano scale
38 IWPSD_2017_ABS_K3789 Prof. Shyama Rath 2D Optimization of the concentration of molybdenum disulfide (MoS2) for formation of atomically thin layers
39 IWPSD_2017_ABS_Y2956 Mr. Praveen S 2D Evolution of Band Structure of MoS2 Layers Grown by CVD Technique
40 IWPSD_2017_ABS_M4933 Dr. Bharti Singh 2D A single step synthesis technique of high quality large area 2D monolayer MoS2 towards flexible electronic application
41 IWPSD_2017_ABS_T7716 Mr. Prashanth Kumar M 2D Temperature Dependent Open Circuit Voltage Variation of Organic Solar Cells
42 IWPSD_2017_ABS_M1479 Mr. Anup Kumar Sharma 2D Diameter Dependent Band Gap Properties of Different Structures of Single-walled Carbon
43 IWPSD_2017_ABS_D5051 Ms. Poonam Sehrawat 2D Reduced graphene oxide based temperature sensor
44 IWPSD_2017_ABS_H6491 Ms. Vishakha Kaushik 2D Effect of tip induced strain on nanoscale electrical properties of MoS2-Graphene heterojunctions.
45 IWPSD_2017_ABS_R5391 Mr. Mujeeb Ahmad 2D Role of MoS2 on the electrical and thermoelectric prop-erties of Bi2Te3 and Sb2Te3 alloys
46 IWPSD_2017_ABS_M4834 Mr. Ujjal Das 2D Resistive Switching and High Retentivity of MoS2 Based Transparent RRAM Device
47 IWPSD_2017_ABS_T9234 Prof. S. Sundar Kumar Iyer 2D Effect of Pulsed Electric Field Annealing on P3HT:PCBM Inverted Solar Cell Structure
48 IWPSD_2017_ABS_Y8905 Ms. Svetlana Jose 2D Solvent mixture formulation for Inkjet Printable Light Emitting Polymer with Pixdro LP50
49 IWPSD_2017_ABS_A3015 Mrs. Pooja Saini 2D Memristor behavior in gold nanocluster mixed graphene oxide nanocomposite based thin film devices
50 IWPSD_2017_ABS_Y5375 Prof. S. Sundar Kumar Iyer 2D Ternary organic solar cells with active layer of P3HT:PCBM blend and PCPDTBT layer
51 IWPSD_2017_ABS_P9185 Dr. Javid Ali 2D Effect of ECR plasma on field emission properties of Carbon Nanotubes
52 IWPSD_2017_ABS_L2372 Dr. Atul Bisht 2D Low temperature graphene-like film growth by Microwave plasma enhance chemical vapor deposition technique
53 IWPSD_2017_ABS_E3237 Mr. Subhamoy Sahoo 2D Study of absorption spectrum of pentacene using electromodulation
54 IWPSD_2017_ABS_Y2689 Mrs. Preeti Garg 2D Surface Enhanced IR Absorption and Raman Detection of Tryptophan Amino Acids over Silver Nanoislands Deposited on Graphene
55 IWPSD_2017_ABS_W5668 Mrs. Shikha Srivastava 2D Electrical Properties of Bulk MoS2| ZnO:Al Heterostructure Device
56 IWPSD_2017_ABS_F4928 Ms. Garima Shukla 2D Effect of Back Gate Voltage on Double Gate Single Layer Graphene Field-Effect Transistor with Improved ION .
57 IWPSD_2017_ABS_L3234 Mr. Praveen Saho 2D Effect of Growth Parameters in Synthesis of Single Layer Graphene on Copper Foil by LPCVD Technique.
58 IWPSD_2017_ABS_O9262 Dr. Shumaila Akram 2D Synthesis and Properties of Polypyrrole and Reduced Graphene Oxide Nanocomposites prepared by in-situ interfacial Polymerizat
59 IWPSD_2017_ABS_V5723 Dr. Vijay Lamba 2D Metal/Molecule/Semiconductor Junctions-A Theoretical Study
60 IWPSD_2017_ABS_A9597 Mr. Abhishek Kumar Upadhyay 2D Modified Quasi Ballistic Transport Model for Graphene FET Simulation
61 IWPSD_2017_ABS_Y7675 Mr. Navdeep Sharma 2D Synthesis, Characterization and Temperature Conductivity of Poly (o-toluidine)
62 IWPSD_2017_ABS_J5134 Mr. Vivek Ghritlahre 2D Synthesis and characterization of 2D-TMDC materials: MoS2, MoSe2, and WS2
63 IWPSD_2017_ABS_P1419 Ms. Bharti sharma 2D Iron Nanoparticles as Heating Mediators for Magnetic Hyperthermia based Cancer Therapy
64 IWPSD_2017_ABS_E2108 Dr. Meenakshi Gusain 2D Synthesis and characterization of surfactant free MoS2 3D microspheres
65 IWPSD_2017_ABS_C4489 Dr. Satya Ranjan Pattanaik 2D Calculation of Quantum Capacitance and Sheet Carrier Density of Graphene FETs
66 IWPSD_2017_ABS_O2744 Ms. Svetlana Jose 2D Study on the Conventional VS photonic (IPL) sintering of copper nanoparticle (Cu NPs) inks on different flexible substrates.
67 IWPSD_2017_ABS_K7044 Mr. Hemant Saini 2D Large-scale, single crystale-WSe2 film via vdW epitaxy and its impact at 2d/3d interface
68 IWPSD_2017_ABS_X9912 Dr. Ravi Sundaram 2D Quality control in fabrication of 2D MoS2 and Graphene-MoS2 heterostructures using the defect activated LA(M) peak
69 IWPSD_2017_ABS_W2755 Mr. George Thachil SN Study of Thermal Actuators for Switching Applications
70 IWPSD_2017_ABS_T2519 Dr. Marsha Mary Parmar SN Accurate Backbone Curve for Ultrathin NEMS with Geometrical Imperfection
71 IWPSD_2017_ABS_Y4886 Mr. Anurag Swarnkar SN Design and Simulation of Stiction-less High Isolation RF MEMS Capacitive Shunt Switch
72 IWPSD_2017_ABS_P4489 Ms. Anwesha Mukherjee SN A flexible nitrogen dioxide gas sensor based on strontium nanoparticles decorated reduced graphene oxide
73 IWPSD_2017_ABS_H3336 Mrs. Tulana Saha SN Design simulation of acoustic particle velocity sensor
74 IWPSD_2017_ABS_O6538 Mr. D V Santhosh Kumar Gunapu SN High Charge Storage Capacity Micro Electrode Array on a Wire for Implantable Neuromuscular Applications
75 IWPSD_2017_ABS_C7807 Mrs. Anu Sandhu SN Low Power Fast Switching Single Electron Transistor Based on [Ni(dmit)2]
76 IWPSD_2017_ABS_Y4886 Mr. Anurag Swarnkar SN Design and Simulation of Stiction-less High Isolation RF MEMS Capacitive Shunt Switch
77 IWPSD_2017_ABS_Y7821 Mr. Amit Kumar Rana SN Sr- and Ni-doping in ZnO nanorods synthesized by simple wet chemical method as excellent materials for CO and CO2 gas sensing
78 IWPSD_2017_ABS_W5916 Dr. Deepak Bansal SN Effect of parasitic capacitance on ‘OFF/ON’ ratio of RF MEMS capacitive switch
79 IWPSD_2017_ABS_I7775 Ms. Mayoorika Shukla SN Enzymatic Glucose Biosensor Based on Hydrothermally Grown ZnO Nanorods and Nanopencils
80 IWPSD_2017_ABS_Q6165 Ms. Deepa Bhatt SN Stacked top gate dielectrics for enhanced pH sensitivities in a-IGZO TFT based dual gate ISFETs
81 IWPSD_2017_ABS_J4422 Ms. Swarnalatha Veerla SN Silicon Etching Characteristics in Modified TMAH Solution
82 IWPSD_2017_ABS_J1128 Mr. Ambika Shanker Shukla SN Feasibility analysis of Acoustic Bragg reflectors for unreleased opto-mechanical resonators
83 IWPSD_2017_ABS_H8990 Dr. Siva Prasad Kotamraju SN Visualization of interface trap distribution for Pd/AlN/6H-SiC and Pd/HfO2/6H-SiC MOS capacitors at 700 K
85 IWPSD_2017_ABS_M2127 Mr. Ranjan Kumar Maurya SN Repeatability Analysis of Microfluidic Devices using Raman Spectroscopy
86 IWPSD_2017_ABS_B9079 Mr. Avvaru Venkata Narasimha Rao SN High Speed Etching of Silicon in KOH and Its Application in MEMS Fabrication
87 IWPSD_2017_ABS_C9113 Dr. Atanu Das SN Highly Sensitive Superficial Niobium Oxide(NbOx)-Niobium (Nb) Thin Film Extended Gate FETs as pH Sensor
88 IWPSD_2017_ABS_E2857 Mr. Arijit Das SN Development of Low Leakage Charged Particle Detectors Suitable for Alpha Spectroscopy
89 IWPSD_2017_ABS_F4064 Mr. Suraj TS SN Electrical transport studies in Iridium Doped ZnO thin films
91 IWPSD_2017_ABS_D8107 Dr. Soumya Dutta SN Array of inexpensive polymer-based Surface Acoustic Wave device with high operating frequency
92 IWPSD_2017_ABS_S3932 Ms. Niketa Sharma SN AlGaN/GaN HEMT based pH sensor
93 IWPSD_2017_ABS_P3605 Mr. Nishant Mishra SN Reconstituted Fe-Azurin based device for resistive memory switching
94 IWPSD_2017_ABS_X9594 Mr. Vaibhav Rana SN Low-cost MoS2 nanowire fabrication method for Pressure sensor
96 IWPSD_2017_ABS_A6482 Dr. Trupti Ranjan Lenka SN Dielectric Modulated AlGaAs/GaAs HEMT for Label Free Detection of Biomolecules
97 IWPSD_2017_ABS_B1224 Mrs. Abha Panchal SN Process Design for Fabrication of Multi-Stack MEMS Capacitive Push-Pull Accelerometer Based on SOI Technology
98 IWPSD_2017_ABS_R5258 Mr. Amit Kumar SN A Large Stroke Inverse Series Connected Electrothermal Bimorph Micromirror Platform for Optical Applications
99 IWPSD_2017_ABS_W7123 Ms. Nidhi Gupta SN Effect of Residual Stress on Cantilever type Push-Pull Capacitive Accelerometer Structure
100 IWPSD_2017_ABS_K2945 Ms. Rekha Kamalesh Phadke SN Fabrication and Characterization of Enzymatic Electrochemical Glucose Sensor for Closed Loop System
101 IWPSD_2017_ABS_R1580 Mr. Biswajit Mandal SN Synthesis of high crystalline nanobelt like a-MoO3 and their alcohol sensing performance
102 IWPSD_2017_ABS_P9464 Ms. Pramila Jakhar SN Electrochemically Synthesized Polypyrrole Nanofibers towards Glucose Biosensing Application
103 IWPSD_2017_ABS_K3660 Dr. Karunesh Tiwari SN Humidity sensor based on Zinc oxide–zinc tungstate nanocomposite
104 IWPSD_2017_ABS_M2134 Mr. Surya Ghosh SN Room temperature organophosphate detection by thermally oxidized metal oxide thin films
105 IWPSD_2017_ABS_U2615 Dr. Ankush Jain SN Design and Development of Hybrid Integrated MEMS Capacitive Gyroscope-ROIC Module
106 IWPSD_2017_ABS_M5687 Dr. V Seena SN Modeling and Simulation of Transverse Capacitive Comb MEMS Accelerometer with Force Feedback
107 IWPSD_2017_ABS_O5686 Dr. V Seena SN Bimorph Suspended Gate FET for Uncooled CMOS-MEMS IR Sensor
108 IWPSD_2017_ABS_I6679 Mr. Mohit Yogesh Padhye SN Design & Simulation of SOI-ISFET Macromodel using SPICE
109 IWPSD_2017_ABS_S3646 Dr. Avshish Kumar SN Functionalization of single wall carbon nanotubes for chemiresistive ammonia gas sensors
110 IWPSD_2017_ABS_F4145 Dr. Akarapu Ashok SN An investigation into resonant frequency of various shaped microcantilevers for MEMS based sensors
111 IWPSD_2017_ABS_R7886 Mr. Abhay Gopal Shrivas SN Synthesis and Characterization of HCL Doped Poly aniline (PANI) For Ammonia (NH3) Sensing Application
112 IWPSD_2017_ABS_H5217 Dr. Sandeep Arya SN Biological and Electrical Characterization of Silver Nano-particles Mediated from Angelica glauca Root Extract
113 IWPSD_2017_ABS_T8363 Mr. Arkaprava Das CS Semiconductor to metal transition for Ni doped CdO thin films
114 IWPSD_2017_ABS_X5827 Mr. ashish kumar SN Deposition and Optimization of Zinc Oxide thin film using its Nano-Colloidal Solution for Various Sensing Applications
115 IWPSD_2017_ABS_L1259 Dr. S. Santosh Kumar SN Development of Barometric Pressure Sensor for Micro Air Vehicle Application
117 IWPSD_2017_ABS_K1799 Mrs. Neha Sakhuja SN TiO2 Thin Film Optimization for Ammonia Gas Sensing
118 IWPSD_2017_ABS_C2568 Ms. Aaryashree SN Molar concentration variation in hydrothermal growth for highly porous Zn-BTC metal-organic framework
119 IWPSD_2017_ABS_A5737 Mr. Abhay Gopal Shrivas SN Synthesis and Characterization Polyaniline (PANI) For Ammonia (NH3) Sensing Application
120 IWPSD_2017_ABS_Q2607 Mr. Amit Kumar Mauraya SN Preparation and Characterization of SnO 2 Thin Films by Physical Vapor Deposition-Thermal Oxidation Process for Gas Sensors
121 IWPSD_2017_ABS_N2347 Mr. Pavani Vamsi Krishna Nittala SN Design, development and fabrication of photodetector for 3D heterogeneous system
122 IWPSD_2017_ABS_Y7628 Mr. Pankaj Agarwal SN Functionalized Graphene for NO2 Sensing: Kelvin Probe based Contact Potential Difference (CPD) Measurements
123 IWPSD_2017_ABS_M6046 Mr. Anupam Ruturaj Tripathy SN ZnO Incorporated PDMS based Pressure Sensor
124 IWPSD_2017_ABS_I7782 Mr. Aklesh Kumar Meena SN Study of Dual axis vertical comb driver MEMS tip-tilt Mirror
125 IWPSD_2017_ABS_U9469 Dr. Vandna Luthra SN Influence of humidity on NO2 sensing properties of SrCo0.1Ti0.9O3
126 IWPSD_2017_ABS_K9886 Ms. Yashoda Parmar SN Temperature compensation of MEMS capacitive accelerometer for navigational application
127 IWPSD_2017_ABS_N8572 Mrs. Renu Sharma SN Design of Continuous Membrane Surface Micromachined Silicon Deformable Mirror for Adaptive Optics
128 IWPSD_2017_ABS_S6159 Mr. Zohauddin Ahmad SN Development of composite based highly sensitive CO2 gas sensor
129 IWPSD_2017_ABS_K6251 Mr. Sushil Kumar SN Sub-micron gap tuning over side wall for ultra-low voltage MEMS switching application
130 IWPSD_2017_ABS_A4789 Mr. Akhil K Ramesh SN Magnetostrictive Sense Layer for MTJ based Ultrasensitive MEMS Pressure Sensor
131 IWPSD_2017_ABS_Q2006 Dr. Subhashis Das SN Effect of Si3N4 passivation on the acetone sensing performance of Pd/AlGaN/GaN heterostructure
132 IWPSD_2017_ABS_E9480 Mr. Rahul Prajesh SN Improving Ammonia Sensitivity on Tin Oxide by Annealing Time Optimization
133 IWPSD_2017_ABS_M2893 Dr. Debashree Banerjee SN Thermoelectric performance improvement in engineered amorphous Silicon
134 IWPSD_2017_ABS_R6392 Mr. Manish Gupta SN Development of Low Cost RF Planar Spiral Coil for Portable Nuclear Magnetic Resonance(NMR)
135 IWPSD_2017_ABS_M1907 Mr. kampara Roopa Kishore SN Preparation and Characterization of Alumina Template using Oxalic Acid
136 IWPSD_2017_ABS_K1562 Ms. Abinaya Muruganandham SN Nanostructured SnO2 Films: Room temperature NH3 sensing
137 IWPSD_2017_ABS_I7665 Dr. Ashish Kumar SN Development of Si Nanowire by Metal Assist Chemical Etching for Biochemical Sensors
138 IWPSD_2017_ABS_H2707 Mr. Arun Panwar SN PSPICE Circuit Simulation of Microbolometer IRFPA Unit Cell using Sub-Circuit Model of Microbolometer
139 IWPSD_2017_ABS_G2647 Mr. Manikandan Nagarajan SN Implantable multisensory microelectrode biosensor for revealing neuron and brain functions
140 IWPSD_2017_ABS_E6944 Mr. R P Singh SN Design and Optimization of MEMS-based four beam Vector Hydrophone for Direction of Arrival
141 IWPSD_2017_ABS_J9155 Ms. Ritu Goel SN Piezoelectric cantilever beam for wideband energy harvesters
142 IWPSD_2017_ABS_Q8286 Dr. Sunita Mehta SN Flexible patch for health monitoring as well as drug delivery
143 IWPSD_2017_ABS_X9924 Dr. Amit Kumar SN Textured silicon surface and silicon nanowires on silicon chip for ammonia sensing application
144 IWPSD_2017_ABS_X9925 Dr. Amit Kumar SN A Comparative Study of Metal Oxide Modified, Silicon Wafer and Silicon Nanowires on Silicon Chip as Gas/Vapor Sensing Element
145 IWPSD_2017_ABS_X9918 Dr. Renuka Saxena SN Development of Silicon Based Microchannel for Gas Chromatograph Column
146 IWPSD_2017_ABS_D3357 Dr. Trupti Ranjan Lenka 3N Device Optimization of E-Mode N-Polar GaN MOS-HEMT for Low Noise RF & Microwave Applications
147 IWPSD_2017_ABS_J5383 Dr. Rajat Mahapatra 3N Band alignment of Sputtered Al2O3/GaN for MIS-HEMT applications
148 IWPSD_2017_ABS_R6796 Ms. Harsupreet Kaur VT Temperature Dependent Analytical Model for Cylindrical Surrounding Gate Ferroelectric Junctionless Transistor (CSGFJL)
149 IWPSD_2017_ABS_D9399 Ms. Harsupreet Kaur VT Impact of Negative Capacitance Effect and Graded Channel Design on Device Performance of Double Gate MOSFET
150 IWPSD_2017_ABS_B6815 Dr. Vari Sivaji Reddy PV Efficiency enhancement of PCDTBT:PCBM polymer solar cells by plasmonic effects of Ag nanoparticles

Poster Session-III

Date: 15-Dec-2017, Time: 1700-1900

Note: The size of the poster must be 4'x5' as displayed

Poster No. TrackID Name Topic Abstract Title
1 IWPSD_2017_ABS_K1393 Mr. Soumen Deb 3N Analytical Modeling of Channel Electric Field of AlGaN/GaN HEMT by Solving 2-D Poisson’s Equation
2 IWPSD_2017_ABS_T9946 Mr. Sukalpa Mishra 3N The dependence of off-state breakdown of AlGaN/GaN HEMTs on buffer traps, gate bias and field plate
3 IWPSD_2017_ABS_N9784 Prof. Shankar Pati 3N RF Performance Characteristics of Wide Band Impatts beyond 100 GHz
4 IWPSD_2017_ABS_D3692 Dr. Ashish Kumar 3N Understanding Current Transport Mechanism in n-GaN for Thermoelectric Applications
5 IWPSD_2017_ABS_M4285 Mr. Shubhendra Kumar Jain 3N Metal Contact Engineered Epitaxial GaN Based Ultraviolet Photodetector
6 IWPSD_2017_ABS_M7574 Mr. Bhanu Bhakta Upadhyay 3N Lateral Oxidation of AlGaN for Enhancement Mode AlGaN/GaN HEMT
7 IWPSD_2017_ABS_T4705 Mr. Ritam Sarkar 3N Impact of growth condition on structural and optical properties of GaN nanowires grown on Si(111) substrates by PA-MBE
8 IWPSD_2017_ABS_J6188 Mr. Punyabrata Ghatak 3N A Physics Based Analytical Model for the Threshold Voltage of a Normally-off AlGaN/GaN FinFET
9 IWPSD_2017_ABS_U1892 Mr. Ramit Kumar Mondal 3N Advantage of Step-graded EBL to Improve the IQE of deep ultraviolet LED
10 IWPSD_2017_ABS_E7102 Mr. Sumit Verma 3N Title: Enhancement Mode Gan Vertical Transistor with High Breakdown Voltage
11 IWPSD_2017_ABS_J1430 Mrs. Shonal Chouksey 3N Electrical injection of carriers in an InGaN/GaN single nanowire
12 IWPSD_2017_ABS_X1860 Mr. Pavani Vamsi Krishna Nittala 3N Electrical characterization of GaN on Glass technology
13 IWPSD_2017_ABS_S6786 Mr. Lalit Goswami 3N Gallium Nitride Nanostructure based self powered MSM UV Photodetector
14 IWPSD_2017_ABS_Q7905 Mr. Sanjay S 3N Growth of gallium nitride nanowires on nickel/sapphire template by chemical vapour deposition
15 IWPSD_2017_ABS_S5522 Ms. Jaya Jha 3N OFF State Degradation of MOS-HEMTs
16 IWPSD_2017_ABS_K5547 Mr. Vikas Pendem 3N Theoretical Modeling of Size-dependent Exciton Binding Energy in AlGaN/GaN/AlGaN Core-shell Nanostructure
17 IWPSD_2017_ABS_S5267 Mrs. Nayana Remesh 3N Investigation of ALD deposited Al2O3 on AlGaN/GaN HEMT-on-silicon for low gate leakage
18 IWPSD_2017_ABS_Y3246 Mr. Ramesh CH 3N Influence of growth Temperature on Structural and Optical properties of GaN Nanostructures on Ti foil using Laser MBE
19 IWPSD_2017_ABS_I3968 Mr. Monu Mishra 3N Photoemission studies of GaN and AlGaN/GaN heterostructure
20 IWPSD_2017_ABS_H3893 Mr. Swagata Bhunia 3N Effect of AlN Capping on Thermal Stability of GaN Nanowires Grown by PAMBE Technique
21 IWPSD_2017_ABS_I2994 Mr. Santosh Kumar Swain 3N Terahertz Properties of GaN/AlGaN heterostructure IMPATT Diode
22 IWPSD_2017_ABS_V7078 Mr. Abhiram Gundimeda 3N A non-polar GaN based high performance UV photo detector
23 IWPSD_2017_ABS_B8109 Dr. Arun Kumar Singh 3N Modelling DC, RF and Noise behaviour of AlGaN/GaN HEMT on SiC Substrate
24 IWPSD_2017_ABS_Q6145 Mrs. Monika Tyagi 2D Resonant and Non-Resonant solutions of the non-linear vibration of SWCNTs embedded in viscous elastic matrix using KBM method
25 IWPSD_2017_ABS_K2355 Mr. Abhishek Chatterjee 3N Effect of capacitance hysteresis on the performance of GaN metal-oxide- semiconductor photo detectors
26 IWPSD_2017_ABS_S8937 Mr. Manasa Ranjan Jena 3N Effect of Spacer Layer in an InP/InGaAs Metamorphic d-doped Hetero junction Bipolar Transistor
27 Dr. S. Ghosh 3N Physics Based Analysis and Modeling of Capacitances in a Dual Field Plated Power GaN HEMT
29 IWPSD_2017_ABS_W3771 Mr. Yogendra Yadav 3N Improved Ohmic Contacts by Surface Treatment on AlGaN/GaN heterostructures
30 IWPSD_2017_ABS_T1277 Dr. Viswas Sadasivan Nair 3N Direct epitaxial lateral overgrowth of GaN on Sapphire
31 IWPSD_2017_ABS_W5512 Mr. Aneesh Dash 3N III-N Nanowire Devices for Low-Power Applications
32 IWPSD_2017_ABS_H2091 Mr. Kapil Narang 3N Optimisation of AlN exclusion and AlGaN barrier layers in AlGaN/GaN HEMT
33 IWPSD_2017_ABS_Q5208 Dr. Dip Prakash Samajdar 3N Computation of Electronic and Optical properties of GaAsSbN Using 16-Band k•p Hamiltonian
34 IWPSD_2017_ABS_E9965 Dr. Apurba Chakraborty 3N Effect of AlGaN Barrier Thickness on Trapping Characteristics in AlGaN/GaN Heterostructures
35 IWPSD_2017_ABS_X5289 Mr. Ashish Prajapati 3N Modelling of Flux Spectral Density and Power Spectral Density for four GaN QWs
36 IWPSD_2017_ABS_R1204 Mr. Pradeep Siddham 3N Effect of growth time on thickness of InAlN/GaN heterostructures grown by MOCVD
37 IWPSD_2017_ABS_W3828 Mr. Niraj Kumar 3N Thermal Control of stress in photo resist film for improving selectivity in electro-plating process
38 IWPSD_2017_ABS_R1080 Mr. Shibin Krishna 3N Enhanced current transport in GaN/AlN/GaN double barrier hetero-structure
39 IWPSD_2017_ABS_J4060 Mr. Ajay Kumar Visvkarma 3N Investigation on the Variation of Sheet Resistance of RF Deposited Nichrome Thin Films with Deposition Parameters.
40 IWPSD_2017_ABS_L2676 Mr. Prashant Tyagi 3N Growth and Characterization of Vertically-Aligned GaN Nanorods on Flexible Tantalum Foil by Laser Molecular Beam Epitaxy
41 IWPSD_2017_ABS_X7002 Dr. Rajat Vishnoi 3N Comparison of the different smoothing functions used in physics based FET models for RF and AMS applications
42 IWPSD_2017_ABS_G5887 Mr. Ashish Prajapati 3N Characterisation of III-V Nitride Based Blue Single Quantum Well Laser Diode
43 IWPSD_2017_ABS_X1847 Mr. Kankat Ghosh 3N AlGaN/GaN Based High Electron Mobility Transistor Structures on Different Substrates
44 IWPSD_2017_ABS_H1665 Mr. Subburaj Surender 3N Effect of Magnesium and Silicon doping in GaN thin films Grown by MOCVD
45 IWPSD_2017_ABS_J1349 Mrs. Jaya Lohani 3N Vertically Aligned Nanowires of AlGaN/GaN Heterostructure by Maskless Reactive Ion Etching
46 IWPSD_2017_ABS_I6493 Mrs. Mansi Agrawal 3N Effect of surface treatments on the evolution of microstructures in GaN thin films and GaN/AlGaN/GaN heterostructures
47 IWPSD_2017_ABS_R8553 Mr. Udit Rawal 3N Modeling of Self Heating Effect for Different Gate Lengths and its Impact on DC Characteristics of AlGaN/GaN HEMT
48 IWPSD_2017_ABS_U7680 Dr. Vijay Lamba 3N Modeling Electrical Properties of Graphene-Boron-Nitride Thin Film
49 IWPSD_2017_ABS_X9914 Dr. Rupesh Kumar Chaubey 3N Surface Study of AlGaN/GaN High Electron Mobility Transistor for fabrication process improvement
50 IWPSD_2017_ABS_X9916 Mr. P. Muzammil 3N Effect of Precursors condition on the Structural morphology of synthesized GaN
51 IWPSD_2017_ABS_X9921 Mr. Bhuvnesh Kushwah 3N High Pressure Oxidized Aluminium as Gate Dielectric for GaN-based MIS-HEMTs
52 IWPSD_2017_ABS_O6467 Mr. Ashish  Jindal  3N 1.7-2.1GHz GaN Linear PowerAmplifier 
53 IWPSD_2017_ABS_P7493 Dr. S M Islam 3N Negative differential resistance in deep-ultra violet light emitting diodes: a route to novel photonic devices
54 IWPSD_2017_ABS_M8893 Mr. Pankaj Subhash Kumbhare VT PrMnO3-Based Scaled (<300 nm) Nonlinear RRAM Device for Selector-less Array Application
55 IWPSD_2017_ABS_K2033 Mr. Sunny Sadana VT One Time Programmable (OTP) Memory based on MIM dielectric breakdown for 180nm CMOS
56 IWPSD_2017_ABS_D4443 Ms. Alison Erlene Viegas VT 3D Nano Capacitors using Electrodeposited Nickel Nanowires in Porous Anodic Alumina Template
57 IWPSD_2017_ABS_S8881 Mr. Sandip Lashkare VT Delaying the Self-Heating Timescale of PCMO based RRAM to Improve Conductance Linearity for Neuromorphic Applications
58 IWPSD_2017_ABS_S1788 Dr. Umapathi Beegala VT MIM Capacitor Integration into 180nm CMOS Process
59 IWPSD_2017_ABS_D1048 Mr. Cheemalamarri Hemanth Kumar VT WoW Post-CMOS compatible Cu-Cu Low temperature, Low pressure thermocompression bonding with Pd passivation Engineering
60 IWPSD_2017_ABS_M2332 Dr. Piyush Bhatt Navinchandra VT Technology Development of CMOS Compatible High-Gain BJT to enable 180nm BiCMOS technology
61 IWPSD_2017_ABS_L5698 Dr. Arkaprava Bhattacharyya VT Subthreshold Behaviour of Si Junctionless GAA nanowire Transistor at 3 nm Gate Length Combining DFT and TCAD Simulation
62 IWPSD_2017_ABS_Q7208 Mr. Mangal Das VT Influence of Crystallinity on Memristance in n-Si/Y2O3/Al Structure
63 Mr. S. Aamir Ahsan 3N A Scalable Physics-based RF Large Signal Model for Multi-Finger GaN HEMTs
64 IWPSD_2017_ABS_R2022 Dr. Rajat Mahapatra VT Influence of Set Compliance Current on Memory Performance of HfOx based RRAM
65 IWPSD_2017_ABS_U6008 Mr. Nirupam Paul VT Fabrication of Si Membrane using Frontend Bulk Micromachining
66 IWPSD_2017_ABS_N8521 Mr. P R Yasasvi Gangavarapu VT PECVD Grown Silicon Nitride (Si3N4) as Passivation Layer and Gate Dielectric for n- type CNTFETs
67 IWPSD_2017_ABS_D8630 Mr. Mohammed Aneesh VT Design and Optimization of Double-Gate MOSFET to Reduce the Effects of Single Event Transients
68 IWPSD_2017_ABS_E2313 Ms. Ashita Kumar VT A High Performance Vertical Tunnel Source MOSFET with improved subthreshold swing
69 IWPSD_2017_ABS_L8815 Mr. MD Hasan Ansari VT Investigation of Junctionless Transistor based DRAM
70 IWPSD_2017_ABS_R8662 Ms. Nupur Navlakha VT Tunnel FET Capacitorless DRAM
71 IWPSD_2017_ABS_V4990 Mr. Bhaskar Das VT Effect of Delta-p Doping and i-region Length Scaling on Ion/Ioff in Si NIPIN Diode for Selector Application
72 IWPSD_2017_ABS_H2368 Ms. Shikha Binwal VT Electrical discharge characteristics of magnetized capacitive coupled plasma
73 IWPSD_2017_ABS_M6077 Mr. Adhithan Pon VT Performance elevation of Si/SiGe Hetero Junction Asymmetric dual gate Tunnel field effect transistor
74 IWPSD_2017_ABS_K5987 Dr. Hemant Dixit VT Analyzing the impact of grain boundary scattering on the metal resistivity: first-principles study of grain boundary in Cu
75 IWPSD_2017_ABS_R6565 Mr. Ameen Majeed VT Fabrication of MEMS Capacitive Pressure Sensor (MCPS) with Segmented Bossed Diaphragm
76 IWPSD_2017_ABS_H3524 Mr. Ramakant VT Optimization of the TFET Device Structure for Achieving Circuit Performance Better Than The Standard 45 nm CMOS Technology
77 IWPSD_2017_ABS_U2330 Mr. Sanjay Vidhyadharan VT Benchmarking the Performance of Optimized TFET Circuit with the Standard 45 nm CMOS Technology Using Device and Circuits
78 IWPSD_2017_ABS_V6992 Ms. Emona Datta VT Effects of gate dielectric material on the analog perfor-mance of a Ge-source tunnel FET
79 IWPSD_2017_ABS_X1586 Dr. Manoj Saxena VT Analytical Model for Tapered Gate Electrode Double Gate MOSFET Incorporating Fringing Field Effects
81 IWPSD_2017_ABS_E2231 Mr. Upendra Kashniyal VT Stress Induced Degradation of High-k Gate Dielectric-Ta2O5 Thin Films on Silicon
82 IWPSD_2017_ABS_P5885 Mrs. Sangya Dutta VT Bio-mimetic SOI MOSFET based Leaky Integrate & Fire Neuron
83 IWPSD_2017_ABS_M8767 Dr. Manoj Saxena VT Study of Extended Back Gate Double Gate JunctionLess Transistor: Theoretical and Numerical Investigation
84 IWPSD_2017_ABS_Q9944 Prof. Mridula Gupta VT Simulation Study on Stability aspect of Dual Metal Dual Dielectric based TFET Architectures against Temperature Variations
85 IWPSD_2017_ABS_D2222 Prof. Mridula Gupta VT Floating Gate Junction-less Double Gate Radiation Sensitive Field Effect Transistor (RADFET) Dosimeter: A Simulation Study
87 IWPSD_2017_ABS_D8426 Mr. Nitin Trivedi VT Effect of Temperature on the Performance Analysis of Junctionless Accumulation Mode Surrounding Gate MOSFET
88 IWPSD_2017_ABS_Y6096 Dr. Narasimha Rao Mavilla VT Self-heating in inserted oxide FINFETs
89 IWPSD_2017_ABS_X9917 Dr. A. B. Dhaulakhandi VT CD sensitivity to process parameters in photomask fabrication using a LASER pattern generator
90 IWPSD_2017_ABS_X9297 Mr. Narasimha Rao  Mavilla  PV Self-heating in inserted oxide FINFETs 
91 IWPSD_2017_ABS_X9926 Ms. Sangeeta Tiwari PV Adsorption dynamics of Fe(III) removal using titania functionalized high silica zeolitic particles
92 IWPSD_2017_ABS_B8622 Ms. Pooja Bohara PV Independent Gate Operation of NAND Flash Memory Device with Improved Retention Characteristics
93 IWPSD_2017_ABS_K1428 Dr. Rajni Sharma PV Role of Carbon Dots in Polymer Based Bulk Heterojunction Solar Cells to Achieve High Open Circuit Voltage
94 IWPSD_2017_ABS_J5869 Ms. Debolina Saha PV Application of n-doped ZnO Nanorods as n-layer for crystalline Si solar cells
95 IWPSD_2017_ABS_G8410 Ms. Kausturi Chatterjee PV A comparative study of SiO2:TiO2 composite and SiO2 film by Sol-Gel method for solar cell application
96 IWPSD_2017_ABS_P2728 Mr. Sudarshan Singh PV Green route synthesis of CZTS nanocrystals for photovoltaic applications
97 IWPSD_2017_ABS_J7539 Mr. Naresh Kumar Kumawat PV Organic-Inorganic Metal Halide Perovskite Materials for Solar Cell Application
98 IWPSD_2017_ABS_L2198 Mr. Vivek Garg PV Evaluation of Ga: MgZnO/CIGSe Heterojunction for realization of all Sputtered buffer-less Solar Cell
99 IWPSD_2017_ABS_A1159 Dr. Vivek Kumar Shukla PV Mixed solvent engineering to optimize morphology and optical properties of perovskite thin films for an efficient solar cell
100 IWPSD_2017_ABS_X5401 Mr. Prashant Singh PV Alkaline Treatment of Silicon Nanostructures for efficient PEDOT:PSS/Si Heterojunction Solar Cells
101 IWPSD_2017_ABS_P4321 Mr. Manoj Vishwakarma PV Nanoscale Characterizations of Secondary Phases and CZTSe Thin Films
102 IWPSD_2017_ABS_O3781 Mr. Rajesh Kumar Jha PV Simulation of Solar Cell Using Hfo2 as a Passivation Layer in Silvaco Tcad Tool
103 IWPSD_2017_ABS_L8646 Ms. Jyoti Bansal PV Temperature Dependent Charge/Energy Transfer Studies of PEDOT:PSS-TiO2 Composites
104 IWPSD_2017_ABS_U7336 Ms. Sonu Bishnoi PV Transport properties across La0.7Sr0.3MnO3/STON and La0.7Sr0.3MnO3/ZnO perovskite solar cells
105 IWPSD_2017_ABS_O8179 Mrs. Shefali Jain PV Post annealing effects on structural and morphological properties of colloidal Cu2ZnSnS4 (CZTS) thin films.
107 IWPSD_2017_ABS_M4555 Ms. Shilpi Shital PV Study of light propagation through different TiO2 films, to aid designing of DSSCs using Four-Flux method
108 IWPSD_2017_ABS_T1109 Mr. Tarun Singh Yadav PV Cell efficiency enhancement in industrial monocrystalline silicon solar cells using new low-cost chemical passivation process
109 IWPSD_2017_ABS_A3780 Mr. Sreejith KP PV A new additive-free industrial chemical texturing process for diamond wire cut multicrystalline Si wafers
110 IWPSD_2017_ABS_S4145 Mr. Ranveer Singh PV Thickness-dependent tunable optoelectronic properties of n-MoO3/p-Si heterojunction for photovoltaic applications
111 IWPSD_2017_ABS_E7361 Dr. Ganesh C. Patil PV Concentration dependent Blended P3HT: PCBM inverted organic solar cell using solution- processed ZnO Electron transport layer
112 IWPSD_2017_ABS_D2159 Ms. Swasti Bhatia PV MoO3 as hole-selective layer for diffusion-free solar cells
113 IWPSD_2017_ABS_M8634 Dr. Satya Sopan Mahato PV Design and Optimization of Hybrid Photovoltaic Cell by Converting Thermal Loss to Usable Electric Energy
115 IWPSD_2017_ABS_K4842 Dr. Shiv Kumar Dixit PV Effect of Thermal Stress on Power Conversion Efficiency of PCDTBT:PC71BM Organic Solar Cells
116 IWPSD_2017_ABS_X3363 Prof. Achintya Dhar PV Efficiency Enhancement in Zinc Oxide based Inverted Polymer Solar Cells Using Organic Small Molecule Interfacial Modifiers
117 IWPSD_2017_ABS_V5830 Ms. Parul Chawla PV Development of ZnS(O,OH) as Potential Alternatives for Replacing Toxic Buffer Layer of CdS for CIGSe-based Solar Cells
118 IWPSD_2017_ABS_H6368 Mr. Prabakaran Kandasamy PV Structural and Optical Characterization of InGaN/GaN based Quantum Well Structures grown by MOCVD
119 IWPSD_2017_ABS_H7127 Mr. Lalchand B Patle PV Incorporation of Fe3+ ions into TiO2 nanoparticles for the application of Dye Sensitized Solar Cell
120 IWPSD_2017_ABS_V6728 Mr. Durga Sankar Vavilapalli PV Band gap narrowing in perovskite BiFeO3 by altering its structure into Brownmillerite KBiFe2O5
121 IWPSD_2017_ABS_Y5544 Dr. Prashant Ghediya PV Effect of Microstructure on Electrical Properties of Cu2ZnSnS4 Films Deposited from Inks
122 IWPSD_2017_ABS_N4739 Ms. Saima Cherukat PV Design Optimization of Bifacial Solar Cells with Bifaciality of 100 %
123 IWPSD_2017_ABS_C2309 Mr. Irfan M Khorakiwala PV Optimization of n-type aSi:H and ITO for application in HIT solar cell
124 IWPSD_2017_ABS_M9947 Mrs. Amruta Pattnaik PV Enhancement in power conversion efficiency of Multi crystalline silicon solar cell by ZnS Nano particles with PMMA
125 IWPSD_2017_ABS_V9394 Mrs. Shivangi Jha PV Print-on-print metallization of front contacts in silicon solar cells to reduce the shadow losses
128 IWPSD_2017_ABS_E4456 Ms. Baishakhi Pal PV Novel Technique for Fabrication of n-type Crystalline Silicon Selective Emitter Solar Cell
129 IWPSD_2017_ABS_W3362 Mr. Irfan M Khorakiwala PV Studies on n-type a-Si:H and the influence of ITO deposition process on silicon heterojunction solar cells
130 IWPSD_2017_ABS_Q2876 Prof. Kanchan Saxena PV Development of High-Quality Organo-Metal Halide Perovskite Film: Optimization of Thickness, Surface Morphology & Characteriza
131 IWPSD_2017_ABS_D1829 Dr. Rakhi Grover PV Studies on alternate counter electrode materials for Pt – free dye sensitized solar cells
132 IWPSD_2017_ABS_G1901 Mr. Pilik Basumatary PV Large area MAPbI3 perovskite thin films by two step method with improved stability
133 IWPSD_2017_ABS_G9665 Ms. Soma Ray PV A novel method of texturization in diamond cut n-type C-Si wafer
134 IWPSD_2017_ABS_D9753 Ms. Sakshi Koul PV Investigation of Active Layer Thickness Variation on the Performance of Bulk Heterojunction Organic Solar Cells
135 IWPSD_2017_ABS_R9798 Mr. Ramakrishna Madaka PV Amorphous silicon thin film solar cells fabricated on different substrates
136 IWPSD_2017_ABS_M5930 Mr. Akash Singh PV Methylamine Vapor Annealing for Improved Morphology and Stability of Cesium-methylamine Lead Halide Perovskite Thin-Films
137 IWPSD_2017_ABS_L8849 Ms. Vandana Khanna PV Parameter extraction of Large Area Silicon Solar Cells using Differential Evolution
138 IWPSD_2017_ABS_X2075 Mr. Basant Saini PV Improved extraction of photo-generated carriers in InGaN MQWSC: Effect of staggered quantum wells with triple indium content.
139 IWPSD_2017_ABS_K6514 Mr. Sangaravadivel Masilamani PV Effect of Oxidation in Implanted Phosphorus Dopants
140 IWPSD_2017_ABS_D4276 Mr. Yash Gupta PV Green Synthesis of Copper Oxide/Titanium Oxide (Cu2O/TiO2) nanocomposite with enhanced photovoltaic applications
141 IWPSD_2017_ABS_S3896 Mr. Shashi Bhushan Srivastava PV High Performing Efficient Fullerene-Alloy Based Ternary Bulk Heterojunction Polymer Solar Cells
142 IWPSD_2017_ABS_K7339 Mr. Khursheed Ahmad Parrey PV Metal sulfide (CdS) as a possible electron transporting layer (ETL) in perovskite absorber based solar cell
143 IWPSD_2017_ABS_O1811 Dr. Sanjay Kumar Sardana PV Tunable Plasmonic Properties from Ag-Au Alloy Nanoparticle Thin Films
145 IWPSD_2017_ABS_X9922 Dr. Amit Kumar VT Effect of water on cooling efficiency of activated carbon based thermal cooling layer beneath the solar cell to boost their working efficiency.
146 IWPSD_2017_ABS_X9923 Dr. Hrishikesh Dhasmana VT Efficiency enhancement of polycrystalline silicon solar cell due to integration of Ag nanoparticles fabricated by rapid thermal annealing.
147 IWPSD_2017_ABS_X9926 Ms. Sangeeta Tiwari Adsorption dynamics of Fe(III) removal using titania functionalized high silica zeolitic particles