Displays: Principles, technology and manufacturing

Time : 1000-1700
Venue : Hall D: LH310
1 Introduction to Display Technology
2 Thin Film Transistor (TFT) Technology for Active Matrix Displays
3 Overview of LCD Displays
4 Overview of LCD Display Manufacturing Technology
5 Phosphorescent AMOLED Displays
6 Overview of AMOLED Display Manufacturing Technology
7 Flexible & Transparent Displays
8 Quantum Dot Technology for Displays
9 Closing Remarks & Attendee Feedback

III-N based RF devices

Title: GaN Technology for RF Circuit Design
Time : 1000-1300
Venue : Hall B: LH318
1 GaN Device fabrication: Challenges and Technology Trends.
2 GaN Device Characterization and Modelling.
3 GaN Based Power Amplifier Design : Current Perspective and future trends.
4 Device Packaging for Power devices

Quantum Computing & Quantum Informatics

Title: Quantum Information technology: Semiconductor charge qubit Devices
Time : 1000-1300
Venue : Hall C: LH316
1 Basic concept
  • Qubits
  • Gate operations
  • Measurement
  • Bloch sphere
2 Introduction to the Loss DiVincenzo criteria (in the context of spin qubits)
  • Single Electron Transistor (Basic operation, stability diagram, sensitivity, rf SET)
3 Semiconductor Charge qbits:
  • Different device structures
  • Stability diagram
  • Two level system-Rabi oscillation,
  • Initialization-read out-manipulation of charge qubit
4 Prospects and challenges


Time : 1000-1300
Venue : Hall E: LH308
1 Introduction to solar energy
2 Physics of PV
3 Characteristic properties of different materials
4 Device design considerations
5 Fabrication techniques
6 Discussion of newer technologies